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This page is chalked full of helpful ways to make your sewing and quilting easier!

Now we all love that!

This page will add more hints over time so be sure to check back every now and again.


Arrow Key for Pressing Seams fitted

Tipsy Tuesday Tips!

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Paint Brushes for sewing machine Maintenace

The Old Stand by Tips!

Do not own Adobe Photo Shop? 

No problem!

Check out these free photo editing sites:



Are you a Google user then try Picasa

Also rumor has it that if you are a Google + user Pinik is available over there.

Looking to jazz up your blog?

Check out these sites:


Don't like these sites keep on searching or create your own by using Microsoft paint and then edit in Fotoflexer or PicMonkey. That is how I got my header and old widgets. Plus you can learn a lot from the sites above to how to make your own custom blog page.

Want those Swanky Icons on your site?
Go *here* to see how it is done.
I found my icons *here!* and here Word of praises that I found this site through another blog and they will not spam your email like other free icon sites will.
Also I added my icons to my flicker page and set them to private. I clicked on share from Flickr  scrolled down to thumbnail for the size, right clicked on the HTML and then copied it. I then followed the tutorial
that is linked above.

gh Twitter gh Facebookgh Flickrgh Pinterest

Do not have a inlaid table for your sewing machine but on a regular table top it slips & moves around all the time?

 Don't worry I got a great cure for that!

Gripping shelving liners are a great solution!

Slippery Machine

Need a fast and easy way to store your pins?

These work best for me at least. No there are no lids but they do stack very easily and are always on the ready for when I need them to baste or bind my quilt.

They are a set of three bins sold at the Dollar Store and can be found in the seasonal isle.

Basting & Binding containers

For my binding to hold it to the quilt after I have sewn it on and flipped it over, I use bobby pins and other hair pins. Another $1.00 find from the Dollar Store. 100 bobby pins for a $1.00 vs. the clips which can be found at your local quilt shop or craft store.

Got a stubborn smug on your iron?

No worries, Faultless Hot Iron Clean will do the job!

DirtyClean Iron

Turn your iron on and let it heat up.
Take a rag and bundle it up
Place a small dab of the Hot Iron Cleaner onto the rag.
Rub the rag onto the smudge spot until gone.

Repurpose that Coffee Creamer bottle!

Creamer bottle

Creamer bottle makes a handy water bottle for not having to fill up a cup. Bonus is that no worries about spilling, pours easily into your iron, and less trips to the kitchen sink!

Take the wrapper off the bottle. Clean out the bottle, then fill with water.
Add a strip of fabric to the bottle to tell which one is yours at a Sew-In or class!

Got fabric fuzz stuck in your cutting mat?

Eraser tip

Go *here*  for more information!

Looking for a few products that will help keep your thread from tangling?

Try these products....

Thread Heaven    or    Bee's Wax (the round cylinder is bee's wax!)

Working on a pixel quilt that has numerous amounts of 1 1/2" square but need to keep them organized?  

Organized Mario

Sandwich baggies will save the day!
And yes, Ziploc baggies work just as well too!

Stick around there will always be more tips and helpful hints in the future!

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