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Writing an about page on one's self there is so much to consider. 

Lets start with:

       Hi! I am Jennifer Overstreet the author of Gable House & Co. 
       I am a quilt designer, a quilter, a wife, a mom, a homemaker, and no I am not a superwoman who can do it all like most bloggers out there tend to lead you to believe.

Where am I from?

 I am from Northern Ohio.

Picture 2267

We (my family and I) live in a small rural town in Huron County.


Where the only thing that can cause a traffic jam are the trains that pass right though town. Believe it or not I happen to love it here! The scenery may not be much to some folks but it is home to me! Yes, I have traveled to a few places outside the state and quite frankly they were nice to see and visit but I rather be here in Ohio.

My Family Life

      I am married to a very wonderful caring man, his mother named him Roger. 

Our Family Collage.2
 Wedding Photos by Rebecca Hall of Berlin Heights, Ohio.

Our family is a blended family. I have my daughter and my husband has a daughter and a son. Our kids are in their twenties and teens. 

We also welcomed two furry kids into our home. 

They are the most mischievous duo on the planet. 

My Personality and Writing Voice

My writing voice is the same as my everyday voice. I was raised to be forward speaking and thinking. And yet to know when to hold my tongue so that other's feeling are not hurt. I may not always practice that one very well though. I can be a bit rough, tumble, brash, blunt, and straight to the point no nonsense type which in a crowd of soccer moms I am the socially awkward one. 

Why is that? 

Because I am too forward and call things like they are and groups of grown women do not like that at all. Especially when it is a subject that is going against the gain of the crowd. If you want to be a lemming that fine by me you are more than welcome follow and fall of the cliff all you want. A few things I can not do, I can not do gushy, cute, portray a perfect life, or blow sunshine up your ass. No offence its just not me to be like that. If you want cute and perfectly cuddly go find it some where else. However, I can and do pull off sarcasm well, which often is mistaken as a negative, bitchy, and bitter, which according to my mother reflects as a bad attitude. It (my attitude) is so not negative, bitchy, or bitter by the way! I was raised to have my feet and head on the ground not in the clouds. It may also take a while to get use to my off beat sense of humor too. I don't expect everyone to congenially like it. If you really wanted to know between my sister and I, I was always the tomboy of the family. Here is some proof it you ever need to see it for yourself. 

Camp Perry 1997.1

I have softened over the years but I am still me as blunt and brash as ever, this does not mean that I do not have manners. So if you do decide to stick around, know that you were forewarned! If you ever wanted the gods honest truth about something, I'll be the first one to tell ya if you ask me. Warning to ya though: Best advise to buckle you seat belt because you may not like the answer. Ex: Yes, that dress/jeans does make you look fat because its not the right cut for your body shape.

Oh gasp! 

I know right!?!?!

I was raise in a family that's like that. If you not getting constructive criticism, you're not getting any real love that day. Trust me it drives me nuts, but I know it comes from the heart.

Aside from my voice I am a very driven person. No matter what I decide to do I give my all. As you can tell from the photo above I used to shoot guns for competition as a kid. I was successful at it and my last competition was at Camp Perry in 1997. I had shot for nearly ten years before putting my gun up for good. Nearly ten years later I eventually found something else to do in quilting. I have to say being in the quilting world is such a 180 from being in the shooting world. In competition shooting, its a man's world and it fits me like a glove. It was a hard world to crack into but once you are there, your cool. Quilting on the other hand for me has been even tougher to crack into. Its a woman's world. You think it would be easy for me knowing that I am a woman, but its not. I am so used to being straight forward and to the point that its not welcome here. I find if you go against the grain of things or state that you do not like something. You get tared and feathered for it. Quite frankly after nearly four years of blogging, I am not playing the game anymore. I do love quilting but I have to be me.  

My Quilting Journey

My journey into quilting was one in the making. I personally did not get into quilting until I was in my early thirties. I was raised around women who sewed and a few of them were quilters. Mainly my mom (who happens to be my biggest supporter as a designer/quilter) was the one who sewed. She did try to get the both of us (my sister and I) into sewing but neither one of us had patience to stick to it. It was not until I was about to have my daughter that I sprouted interest in making a quilt. I guess you can say babies will do that to ya. In the end I did not ever to making a quilt for my daughter. The reason being that my life at the time did not permit any time for quilting or sewing. It was not until I had so many life alternating changes (getting married, becoming a step parent, loosing my job, and buying a house) all at once to be able to sew and eventually get into quilting. It (sewing) turned out to be the greatest therapy of all time. I started out small in garment sewing in a way to hopefully help pay the bills. Needless to say, it turned out to be a failure.  

       Simplicity  McCall's vintage apron   Simplicity

 I then turned to quilting for the enjoyment, and later discovered that you could make a small living off of quilt designing. My first attempt at designing a quilt was traditional and simple (see photos below).

               Font side of throw quilt      Backside of throw quilt

 At the same time I discovered  the online community, and modern quilting. I used to think of myself as a modern quilter, however, these days I just consider myself a quilter. I happen to believe its a better out look to consider myself as just a quilter because it leaves me with many open doors and avenues as a designer to discover. Not to mention I have not ever been someone who could be contained in a box creatively! My artistic expression whether it is traditional or modern, I quilt and design for the enjoyment. They say the best job or career you can have is the one where you don't feel like its a chore to do.

Thank you for stopping by!

Jennifer Overstreet

Ps. Want to know more about Gable House & Co. Feel free to read all about the FAQ's

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