Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oh, Crap! The Nightmare Returns!!!

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Oh crap here is the nightmare all over again! Yep, more job losses!

When I say again, I truly mean it.

Five years ago my husband and I were just newlyweds, and a month later I was laid off from my job. Little did I even know at the time that millions more would be in my same exact shoes. I spent two years looking for a job with no luck except for a local resort that was 40 minutes away that had an opening for a prep cook. That job did not last long due to many factors. After mutually agreeing with my employer that the job was not ideal for me to have, I remained at home and have remained at home since then. I actually gave up on looking for a new job all together and I became comfortable in my roll as a housewife. 

Making the decision of staying home permanently had taken its toll on my relationship with my husband. He had ideals and they were not happening, and you could feel his frustration from it all too. So to try in relieve his frustrations, I found out that you could make money by designing quilts, selling stuff on Etsy, and etc. The only problem is that I found so many obstacles that would get in my way and hold me back from succeeding. Luckily times have caught up and being an Indy designer has become much easier than it was in 2010. However, being a fledgling Indy designer is not going to pay our bills and put food on our table.

When My husband told me on Monday that his company was closing it doors I started to freak out in the inside. My mind raced a million miles per hour on the what ifs and hows that and so much more. I even thought of this post from Vanessa Christenson: Oh Swear Word, My Husband's Company is Closing Its Doors Sale. I related with her back then, and even more now. I am feeling the same way as she did.


My husband became the bread winner of our family and his field is not something that is very common here this side of northern Ohio. It took my husband a few years to get this job and its the first job since I have been with him that he actually liked. Not to mention it was the first job that gave him is biggest pay ever. So yeah... we're screwed! 

The only option to find a job like the one he has and stay here in Ohio, are all on the east side of Cleveland. I know he would not like to move away from his kids and I can not blame him at all. One of the major reasons; because he missed out on his daughter's early teen years and most of her teenage life when his ex-wife decided to move to Massachusetts to marry again. Not to mention his son will be graduating soon (maybe). My step son has the option of staying in school until he is 22 because of his autism, and I know my husband and I would like to see his son in a good place in his life after high school before making any big move to another location. As you can imagine we are in a rock in a hard place kind of situation. 

What will we do?

So far we are lucky. My husband has always kept a six months savings stuffed away in case something like this should ever happen. This savings will cover our utilities, mortgage, and food expenses. It will not however, cover any extras. The extras I am good with loosing because its nothing compared to what I experienced five years ago. Its amazing how a big turn of events will change your perspectives in life. I am also counting our blessing that we do not live off of credit, and really learned how to live frugally. Our only outstanding bills right now are the car, the sewing machine, and the motorcycle. On the plus side the car and the sewing machine are so close to being paid off.   


The other things that we have is family, prayer, the job store, job and family services, which stopped by his work place yesterday because it is a major shut down. From that visit my husband even came home with a job opportunity for me to take advantage of, I did and I have orientation on Tuesday. So here is to hoping that it actually works out this time around. In the mean time my husband has 60 days before the plant completely closes. Thank God for that!   

So while this whole shut down is a loss to us, its also a loss to a community of people who also depended on that place to support their families. Many were shocked, but for the most part many are freaking out. Ya can not blame them. This shut down is the second major shut down in this area with in a month of each other. As I had mention before in another post, many of us out there are still living the nightmare of this recession and its a nightmare that never seems to end. The only thing there is left to do is hope and pray that we all can get back to a new normal some how.  

In the mean time, I'll still be here, and thank you for reading. This has been a heavy weight that I needed to get out and I am glad for this space to be able to do just that. 



Susan at said...

I'm so sorry. That sure is a scary thing, I can't imagine. I believe in you and I believe you all will be fine. I wish you both the best in whatever path you choose to follow next.

Teresa Silva said...

I'm so sorry about all of this! My husband and I went through a time like this about 12 years ago and we found out that he needed to take another path in life. We are so much happier. He started his own business and now we are in control of what will happen. I believe that sometimes things like this happen for a reason. He will find something even better! Best of luck to you and your family.

Celia Ambrose said...

I know things will turn out better for your family in the long run because you have amazing courage to share this difficult time, and to look for other options until the next RIGHT employment opens up. Like Teresa said, it led them to a different path and greater happiness so I pray this for you, your husband, your family. I've always loved this quote from Charles Spurgeon, "Faith goes up the stairs that love has made and looks out the window that hope has opened."

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