Sunday, January 19, 2014

Civil War Chronicles Progress Week Two

HSTs, Oh My!

Well, this week did not go according to plan. Thinking back on it as far as the progress on this quilt I think that I managed to do well despite everything else going on in our lives lately. I did not get to meet my goal of having the center completed, and its okay.

The progress I did make was chain piecing all those...Holy crap Batman, that's a lot of HSTs!  

Chain Piecing

 I think it took me three days to get all the chain piecing done. 

Chain Piecing Pile

Why so many?

Block two has four blocks to make.
Block three has four blocks to make
Block four has four or five blocks to make
Block five has sixteen blocks to make

I could have pushed myself to make all the blocks if I truly wanted to but after Monday's news I lost all ambitions to even complete one block. You know what though. That's okay too.

Civil War Chronicles Block 2


Its about the process!

The one bad habit we all have here online is how fast we can put a quilt together. In the end we truly miss out on the journey of the process. I happen to believe that this quilt will show me what I have been missing out in the last three years, which is to slow down and to enjoy the process.

In the mean time life does go on and  part of that moving one was poor Isaboo got her annual bath today. For some reason it seems as though she smells worse in the winter time than any time of year. Last year she smelled like she rolled in something awful. This year she smelled like she has rolled in some taco seasoning mixed with bad body order. So something had to be done!

Giving Boo a bath is no fun for us or for her. Matter of fact we got these evil glares after her bath was over.

After Bath Affect

After bath affect

Once the towel wrapping was done, it only took her about three hours after the fact to actually go near any of us. Of course that was after a whole bunch of coaxing her out of the fear of another bath --"But Boo you smell so good!" "And what a pretty kitty you are!"

Uh huh!


Before I go I just wanted to thank everyone again who wrote in with your kind thought and prayers. We really do appreciate it! So far my husband has one interview this week and he received a call late Friday afternoon to set up for another one. Here is to hoping everything works out!

Thank you for stopping by!


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Kymberly said...

Isabella's bath pictures made my day! It's such tedious work sewing and trimming HSTs (especially a big pile like you did.) I fully agree with your idea of making more complicated quilts and enjoying the process. Thanks for sharing your journey with this quilt. Good luck to your husband on his interviews.

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