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Civil War Chronicles Progress Week One

Civil War Chronicles Progress Week 1

Oh, holy half square triangles, Batman!!!! Its all I can really say about this quilt so far. Well, at least I am glad that I waited three years before I tackled this quilt. Now I truly understand why I got so much flack from all those bitties when I signed up for taking on this quilt. You can read more about it here if you like.

Not that all that cutting is horrid to do, its just with all that cutting I am now instinctively placing my ruler on my cutting mat at whatever and 7/8" these days. Not that I am complaining, okay maybe I am just a little bit, but the entire quilt is nothing but half square triangles (HST). Its enough to drive ya bonkers! I keep expecting something different in each new block package I open up, but nope... its just more HSTs. Oh my, I'll laugh at it all when I am done making this quilt top. Matter of fact I am laughing at it now because beginner quilter me did not see this. Beginner quilter me saw a challenge and a pretty unique looking quilt.! Advanced quilter me does not mind HSTs but not a whole entire quilt of them. Oh lol, what are ya going to do. Okay I'll retract that a bit about a whole quilt being done in HSTs, Chevron quilts are HSTs, Herringbone quilts are HSTs, and there are so many more quilts made from HST...ahem, Down the Rabbit Hole just to name a few. I just figure I'll have to keep my boot straps up and keep on going. 

Other than cutting out for HSTs, I have had only one or two mistakes with cutting. Since I am limited on fabrics, I nearly panicked when I came up short a half an inch on one piece of material and cut twice wrong on another because I was distracted from the screaming and yelling on a TV show my husband was watching. Anyway, I knew I was screwed the minute I messed up on both pieces because these fabrics are no longer in production. Not to mention that in a kit like this you are given a limited amount of fabric that only covers what you need for the project and no more than that. 

So what's a quilter going to do?

Look them up on the internet of course!

Sadly, I found many online stores that still carry this line. Unfortunately the two fabrics that I needed were not available. 

So I had only three more options and I knew they were all long shots but they would be worth the try.

Option number one: Go to local quilt shop in Shiloh. Its where I bought the kit in the first place. 

Option number two: Check out other local quilt shop in Jeromesville. 

Option number three: Go to Millersberg or Berlin as a last resort. 

Option number one as a bust except for I found a fabric that was close to the one I cut twice, and I could live with that, so I picked some up.

Option number two was a... SUCCESS! I was lucky, all but a few fabrics were there from the entire line. One of those few was the one I was short on but she did have the one I cut twice on, so I bought a yard of it. However, the shop owner did give me some advice that I really wanted to be reassured on. Before I headed out to both shops that day, I was wondering if the piece I was short on could easily be cut by triangles only instead of the required square to then make two triangles. Let me tell ya, I was really over thinking it when I thought that I needed a 90 degree ruler to cut the needed triangles out. The shop owner reassured me if I cut a piece of scrap fabric or muslin into the needed square and then into two triangles, I could then use the triangles as a template. If that did not work she said that she had that fabric still left over in her stash that she was willing to let me have. When I heard that I was like; Wow, really!?!?! I was very much surprised over her gesture, but I was pretty sure after her reassurance over the triangle templates I would be in the clear. In the end I am very grateful of her offer, however the advice over the template that she gave me, really did work out. I was beyond thrilled over it all.

Option number three, never happened!

Over all progress of this quilt so far. I am just in the cutting phase. I am stopping at block number five because it completes the center of the quilt. Not to mention I have a ton of HST squares to cut in half. Then after that, I will start in on the sewing. My goal is a bit big but I am hoping to have the entire center pieced together by Friday.     

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Kymberly said...

I understand the pain of HSTs. I'm currently working on the Farmer's Wife quilt and most of the 6" blocks I've made so far have tons of HSTs (usually cut at 2" or smaller.) Hopefully yours are going better than mine. Glad to hear you were able to get extra fabric for the miscut blocks.

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