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The Illusion Quilt


Welcome and thank you for stopping by today! I want to introduce to you the companion quilt to Ah-maz-ing Quilt (Amazing was featured in Moda's Bake Shop) called Illusion. The Illusion quilt is a fun way of seeing something that is there but you would not know it until you tilt your head just slightly to the right to see it. So do you see them? Let me know if you do!

Illusion Quilt is 70” x 76”


To make the Illusion quilt this is what you will need:

(1) Bella Solids White Jelly Roll #JR9900 98
(1) Bella Solids Black Jelly Roll #JR9900 99
Creative Grids® 4 ½ Non Slip 90º Double Strip Ruler
Rotary Cutter, Scissors, Seam Ripper, Iron, Ironing Board, Pins, and Thread

To Start:

Please Read through the directions first prior to making this quilt!

All seam allowances are 1/4" unless stated other wise!

Open both jelly rolls.
Take one black strip, one white strip and sew them together length wise.
Then press them.
Repeat this step 33 more times

Picture 2186.1

Once all the strips are sewn together, take two strip sets and lay them right sides together. Make sure to lay them together on opposite colors. See photo below. There will be 17 strip sets.

Picture 2187.1

At a high recommendation, I suggest that you pin the strips together so that will not bow or stray away. 

Picture 2188.1

Then sew the strips on both sides. This will make a tube. Set this completed set aside and finish off the remaining strip sets. There will be a total of 17 in all.

Picture 2189.1

Once all the tube strip sets are sewn together and pressed place and line up the Creative Grids® 4 ½ Non Slip 90º Double Strip Ruler on top of the tube strip.

Picture 2190.1

Use your rotary cutter to cut along the triangle edges of the ruler.
Remove the ruler once you have completed the cuts, there should be three triangles from the newly cut tube.
Set the triangles aside and flip the tube over.
Realign the Double Strip Ruler and repeat the following previous steps until all pieces are cut.
There will be eight triangles from one tube strip. 

Picture 2191.1

Next take a seam ripper to open the top of each triangle.
Once all ends are open press all the block open towards the darker fabric.

Picture 2192.1

Sew 11 blocks together by alternating the strip pattern to its opposite.
Once first row is sewn together, alternate the first block of the second row to the opposite starting color of the first row. 

illusion instructions.1

Keep alternating the blocks and rows until the very last row is completed.
There will be 12 rows in all.

To Finish:

For the Border (the border is optional)

Gather eight black jelly roll strips.
Sew two strip ends together on a bias, clip the remaining ends at ¼” above the bias seam and then press the seams. Clip the dog ears if necessary.  
Continue the rest of the process for the remaining six strips.

Once all the border strips are completed, sew them on to the newly completed center.

Start with the length of the center to sew on the first two borders. Trim or square away and excess from the borders then press the seams. Then sew on the remaining border strips to the width of the quilts center. Trim away the remaining border excess and press the seams.

Walla a finished Illusion quilt top!

If you still didn't them, you will be looking for five pointed stars! Look again to seem!

Have fun and thank you again for stopping by today!

Jennifer Overstreet 

Ps. Yes, if you want you could use all the jelly roll strips to make a larger quilt. The grid will be 12 blocks to one row by 13 rows. Unfortunately there will not be any left over black jelly roll strips to add the border.

Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
Pattern & Photos by Jennifer Overstreet


Kymberly said...

This is a great quilt. I love the one on Moda too! Congrats on being featured. I've started following you and would love it if you visited my blog:

Leslie said...

How big do your blocks finish? If you alternated them with a solid white and solid black blocks, you would have another houndstooth quilt!

Jennifer said...

They are supposed to be 6 1/2" but for some reason mine came out to 6 1/4". The houndstooth quilt was the start of playing around with this pattern. I wondered what it would look like with out the solid blocks, then fell in love with the idea of it and went for it.

KathyinMN said...

Love this one and the one featured on Moda. Thank you for sharing, I've got a friend new to quilting who's more into color palates like these-I'm going to send her the links for both.

Jennifer said...

Thank you Kathryin! Yay, a new quilter! Glad to hear that! This one will be an easy pattern to tackle for a beginner. Just warn your friend that these blocks can stretch very easily if fooled around too much!

Texas JennyWren said...

From One Jennifer to another: LOVE this quilt Jennifer!! AND I see the stars. How did you do that??!! Amazing Illusion. LOVE IT>

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