Thursday, March 14, 2013

Were was the Encouragement?

Sorry all no pretty photo today!

I have been thinking pretty intensely about my last post over the harsh judging of the Modern Quilt Guild judges from QuiltCon. I am referring to Angela and Tarcey's posts. For me personally I have competed in one quilt show and my quilts did not place. I am good with that. I did not receive any commentaries on them either, so I really do not know if the judges hated them or not. No it was not a sanctioned show but for me it was still fun to try it.

Would I ever enter into another show?

 If the timing is right and I have the right quilt, I just may enter into another show again.

 On that thought, I would like to give the MQG a piece of my mind (even though it just may bite me in the butt and shoot myself in the foot) about what they had done. Most of all ( I am referring to Angela's post) why did the judges not say anything of encouragement for improvement for the future or have anything positive to say about the quilts? That question was asked by my traditional quilt guild's president. Who also happens to show her quilts in local and sanction shows. 

That to me is just plain wrong not to leave any remarks for any improvement or not saying anything nice! I believe after all these shenanigans the MQG has flopped their halo in my eyes. I also believe what got me the most in this whole situation is that they (MQG) are the ones who made the modern movement happen. As I have said before the movement was based on open mindedness, uplifting encouragement, and no rules! At least that is what everyone conceives it as, and that is what I have known it to be as well!

As for those who did enter into the show. I know for a fact that most of the people who entered were first timers, and they did not know what to expect when they had entered but I don't think any of them ever expected to get what they had got in return. I know now that these few contestants will not ever enter into another show again! 

 With that said I did get a great comment from an Anonymous reader that I would like to share.

Quilting is quilting. Keep quilting. Soothe your own soul, and don't worry about square peg round hole, round peg round hole. Worry about what YOU delight in. I give you permission to be both. Traditional AND modern. I give you permission to like depression glass AND pyrex. But remember, if you submit something to be judged, expect to be judged. Modern, traditional, professional, or beginner. That's the process. Otherwise, enjoy. Delight. As the saying goes, dance as tho no one.....well, you get the picture!! HappiestDays!

I know it was meant for me but I hope with their word of encouragement will help others too!

I do know first hand what it is to be judged in the type of process that these quilters went through. I was a in 4-H myself and the biggest pill a ten year old can swallow is that; You are at the mercy of the judge honey! So go on in there and give'm what ya got!


As far as the MQG I probably would have never fit in there anyway, and that is nothing new for me. For the past few years that where I really wanted to be. Now I am pretty content to the small town living that I have been blessed with and will take what I have and embrace it!

Since I do not fit the guideline of what a modern quilter is that is just fine with me! Matter of fact I was thinking at breakfast a few mornings ago that there should be a Geneva Quilters Code. You know something like the Geneva Convention. Then I thought, well that would cause the same rift that the MGQ had done and I really do not want to be apart of that either. So I am going to leave it as that.

And to end this post with a quote from Marianne Fons: "As long as people are making quilts, that's a good thing!"

 You can find that quote *here* on Mary Fon's Quilty blog.

All right everyone I'll be waiting here prepared to get a bunch of flack from the MGQ.
In the mean time I hope ya'll are having a great T.G.I Friday!


Ps. I would also believe after writing this post I may have just ruined my chances of ever being invited to or attending any MQG events!

I'm cool with that, cause it not like I am going to be anyone famous anyway!

All right take care all!


Cindy Crowell said...

I have the same issue with a quilt I entered- and according to the quiltcon program, the judges for this show are NOT. EVEN.QUILTERS. so, yeah...that happened.

Jennifer said...

I saw that! One is a knitter and the other one does quilt but not very much. I think what attracted the MQG to these judges it that they are very popular in the crafting industry. The MQG should have known better! I guess its a lesson learn on all sides.

Chris Porter said...

How can you judge a contest and not know anything about what you are supposed to be looking at? I certainly wouldn't be able to judge a contest involving knitting, I know nothing about knitting other than knit 1 purl 1 and still not sure how to purl at that. I agree, give me my small town guild. I don't like to be judged by others, I would never measure up and there is too much "uppity-ness" in larger areas from what I've heard. Even in my sister's guild in PA. I asked her one time how much she paid to have quilting done, she said it depended on the machine quilters "reputation and name" they had made for themselves. I thought if it looks good to me and didn't cost $300+ it was good enough.

Jennifer said...

Apparently the one that does knitting wrote a successful book on patchwork and I know for a fact that the other has two successful books. One on patchwork and the other book was a collaboration book of small things to be made, and I believe that book only had one quilt in it. After finally finishing watching all the Craftsy class from QuiltCon, the one judge that was interviewed admitted that she never judged a show before. I am not knocking her for not trying to do her best but I believe in this situation there should have been a sanctioned judge considering that a representative from the American Quilter's Society was present to hand out the grand prize. I mean that only makes sense to me!

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