Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Domestic Goddess

Apron, which is my latest finish!!!!

Goddess Apron

The pattern is by Amy Butler and the material is a canvas coating (laminate) by Moda. 
The material pattern style is Lucy's Crab Shack Aloha Orange by Sweetwater.

The domestic goddess apron

there is a funny little story about the material arrival and once the apron was done.

The arrival:

After many weeks of stalking and watching the laminates that I adored slip away I finally decided to take the plunge and finally order the laminate that I like. 
By some mystical fluke I happen to wonder what the Fat Quarter shop had on their sale fabrics.
Would you know that they actually had some laminates!
Load and behold I like what they [Fat Quarter Shop] had better that what had (no offence to and I put my order in. 
That was last Friday by the way!
During this time my daughter is expecting a well over due package from her dad.
In which he promised her that it would arrive in the mail by Monday and no later than Wednesday!
When she came home Monday from after school she dropped the package on the table.
She said: I was all excited to see this until I saw your name (meaning me) on the package.
As this past week went on, every day she was expecting this package and as of today {Saturday 3/2/13} she is still expecting the package that she still has not received.

Well, my ex may have promised a package to arrive during the week but I have the running joke with my daughter that: Wow I received my material and finished the apron and your package is still not here! What's up with that? 
She said: I know mom, its so sad!!!

The Finish:

My husband did the ole silent whatever, "that's nice honey" when I showed him my finish of the apron.
After that I cleaned it up and hung it up in the kitchen.
Later on that night after my hubby got he upteen number cup of coffee when he asked me: What material is that? You can almost stop bullets with that stuff!

This morning he joked again that since the laminate material was durable enough he was thinking about using the apron to do the oil changes to his motorcycle!

I said; Oh, no you are not!!!!
He said; Why not, its durable enough that it will come clean!
Me: Ah... no!

Although the thought of see him in this apron would be absolutely hilarious not to mention picture worthy as well!


Why use laminate?

Because I am the dishwasher in this house and I am very much tired of my good clothes ending up with bleach stains and not to mention the results of these bleach stains leaving holes in my clothing as well!

Oh also, I kind of had to laugh at myself because I have not ever made this apron before.
I never ever had worked with any laminates before.
Nor have I ever worked with duck cloth (the material used for the straps and waist band) before.
Thank goodness for Clover's Wonder Clips for helping this project go together smoothly!!!!
 I am saying this because I can not imagine pinning the laminate without leaving a massive amount of holes in the material, which is not a good thing because laminates are not forgiving and do not heal like cotton will.

Goddess Apron

The question of the hour is...would I ever make this again using the same materials?

The answer to that question is...hopefully not for a very long time!

I would change some of the 1/2" seams down to 1/4" seams so that there would be more width in some areas.
I also now realize that I must use the larger bust size for myself. 
That's a new one for me by the way, a bigger bust size! 
Which also reminds me... the bonus about this pattern, is that if you are larger on the bottom and smaller on the top or vice versa you can mix and match sizes. 
Over all I would make this again, but with using home decor materials all the way so that I can skip the interfacing process.

Lastly as promised here are the photos of the baby's rag quilt that my daughter and I put together.

Trip around the world baby

The finished size is 55" x 69".
We figured it would be best to make it larger so that the baby could grow with it for a while.
All the material is flannel, which I had sitting in my stash for about three years and I also raided my mom's flannel stash which she has hung onto for about that long as well!

The nice thing is that we even had a few left over squares to make a doll quilt for my daughter's little sister who is almost two years old.

Extra Trips for baby

The finished size for this one is 26" x 31"

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Also the Blogging Technology 101 with making a header in PicMonkey will be up tomorrow. 
Come back and check it out if ya like!


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