Monday, March 25, 2013

Ombre Sidekick Tote

Ombre sidekicker

Can I just say how much I love how this bag turned out! 
Not to mention the collaboration of working with my daughter on this. 
No wait, let me clear the air on this collaboration thing. 

I sewed the bag together and my daughter picked out all the fabrics.

I guess you can say it still was a great collaboration. 
It was fun to see her go through the quilt shop and pick out what fabrics suited her style.
Not to mention it was fun to consult with her on what she thought was best for her own bag.
I have to admit, she did pretty damn well on this one!
The exterior fabric is Simply Color Grey Ombre by Vanessa Christensen (V and Co.) for Moda.

I know what you might be thinking that Denyse Schmidt's DS Quilts fabrics are not sold in quilt shops!
You're right, they are not. 
They are sold at JoAnn Fabrics!
The original fabric that was chosen for the interior and all the accents on this bag was a bit blah with the ombre.
So I pulled Denyse Schmidt's DS Quilts fabrics from my stash and then my daughter picked out her favorites.

The pattern I used was the Sidekick Tote  by Anna of Nooldehead 
The moment I showed it to my daughter, she was head over heels in love with it!
She loved the fact that it could go over her shoulders like a messenger bag and that it came in a small size!

Now the only problem I had with constructing this bag as the bias tape.
I bought the all ready made bias tape and I had to seam rip it a few times over to finally get it to look decent.
I even used a magnetic snap for the first time too.

Ombre Sidekicker

Although the out come looks great on the bag and in the photos. 
The way I put them on was wrong, and they are a hazard for easily getting cut.
I know I should have look it up on how to put them on properly and ironically a day later after the fact of all ready having the snap sewn in; Kati Spencer From the Blue Chair came out with this tutorial.
What I did wrong was not using the prong holder, and a thicker interfacing.
 So I ended up telling my daughter to be careful when opening the pocket so that she would not get cut from it.
Oh, if I were to put the snap on another bag for this pattern I would lower them down a bit because you can not top stitch through them. I had to stop sewing at the snap and restart sewing on the other side of the snap to make the top stitching possible.
Live and learn I guess!

Other than those mishaps, everything with this pattern went together smoothly. 

Getting the ombre to match all around was to open the fabric up to have all 42" available and then folding over so that the pattern could easily be mimicked to match on both sides. 
I then used the cut out scrap pieces to ensure that the pattern pieces would match the other freshly cut pieces. 
I know I should have taken a photo of it!
Shame on me!  

Ombre Sidekicker

The interior is so nice and bright!
Love it!!!!

Ombre Sidekicker

The only other thing I would do to this pattern is modify the strap so that it is longer.
I believe in the summer time it would be great to leave it as is but with a heavy winter jacket and all of the bulk from it, yes, a longer strap would be great. 
Especially for going over the shoulder. 

ombre sidekicker

Well, that is all on this one. 
I do have another share however, its great for another post!


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Kirsten said...

This looks lovely in the Ombre fabric and i love your idea for the magnetic snap on the front pocket too!

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