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My Modern Quilting Right of Passage!!!

Circle of Geese

or not!

This past Thursday or Friday (cannot remember which) I worked on A Circle of Geese Color Wheel by Piece By Number and I was pretty proud to finally accomplish it after two years of wanting to do so.

I was also pretty proud to work and finish on something that was considered "modern."

Don't get me wrong I love this little mini and yes, despite the unfinishness in the photo, it is now completed with binding and all. 
I do apologize fir the unfinishedness I was too excited to share and I took the photo anyway!!!

I do want to randomly point out that this was made from scraps! ...Yay!!!!


I was going to write a post of how much I love Modern Quilting and how I would love to be in a modern quilt guild.

I was going to write about how cool the lectures that are posted on Craftsy from QuiltCon. 
Psst....They are pretty cool and I loved watching them!

However, over the this weekend my view on the Modern Quilt Guild has changed.
I will state that I am not putting them down.
I am more dissappointed in/at them.  
I guess you can say in this retrospect that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

To say the least I am like Tracey Jay from Tracey Jay Quilts where I live in a small farming community and that the nearest mall is 40 minutes away and the nearest Modern Quilt Guild is about two hours away: Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo. Oh, and Cincinnati is four hours away! 
However, unlike Tracey I am lucky to live close enough to attend a traditional quilt guild here in town.
I will admit that yes, I do feel the tug of the traditional ways from this guild but like any rebellious teenager [I am not a teenage by the way] I refuse to conform.
I have always been different in the way I do things and truly I have not ever liked the idea of being put in a box!
Although their quilts are beautiful in the traditional guild, I am personally not into dark colors or following the traditional quilting rules. 

Why do I go then if this is not your style of quilting?

I am there because I love seeing what other quilters do and I love the social aspect beyond the walls of my house!
They are wonderful women despite our style differences.
No offence to the online community, I do love y'all!

So what is it that appeals to me about the modern movement?

I love the open mindedness for starters!
I love that it is acceptable for quilts to have free form in piecing and that free form of the way a quilt can be quilted!
I love the fact that being different is accepted and that no one will call you a freak behind your back about yourself or your quilting!
Not to mention there are NO "Rules" and being someone who follows most guidelines in life I hate being conformed to said "Rules" in quilting, it's my only chance to feel like a rebellious teenager all over again!
I loved the over all attitude in that the Modern Quilt Guild presented itself with until this past weekend when I read Angela's post: Judged.
FYI: Angela was not the only one who received this same ridicule from the judges from the show. 
If you read through her comments on the post, there were a few others who received the same treatment.

My now view of the Modern Quilt Guild is that one of being a hypocrite!
I now view them to be no different than a traditional quilt guild with lots of "rules." 
The attitude is stuffy according to their new guidelines which you can read here in Angela's post So What is Modern Quilting
You can also read Tracey Jay's aspect on this same issue All Quilters Welcome.
I find them a bit contradicting of their guidelines to tell a the truth especially after reading Tracey's post.

I mean really?!?!?!...really?! 
After all that boasting about free form and open mindedness, they go and do that to the contestants who entered into their show!


I would have expected the comments were made from the judges of one of that from a traditional quilt show then to come from a modern one.

From my take of it, they [the Modern Quilt Guild] might as well call themselves a traditional quilt guild who embraces the Mod Movement of the 1960's. 
I hate to say it the Modern Movement did put a rift in the quilting world.
In retrospect this movement is no different than the movement that happened with teenagers and young adults during the Vietnam War era. 
Kids no longer trusted adults and really were tired of following "the Rules."

My view on what makes Modern Quilting, modern. 
Is that it is a form of utilitarian art that allow the maker to use colors and designs that make them happy.
Majority of the time those colors and designs are very bold and very much out spoken!
There are no rules to how it {the quilt}can be made and if you do not have a set pattern just simply say; I improved it! 
Meaning I slapped it together and just winged as I went along and that is what I got!

Oh, and before reading all this I would have loved to call myself a modern quilter.
 I guess I will just stay on the fence, undivided, and call me Switzerland if ya like! 

Will will go on to say that if you do watch the Craftsy QuiltCon videos and catch Mary Fon's lecture, I can truly relate to Mary of having one foot in the old and the other loving the new!
Honestly, I really get how she feels torn between the two sides.

In the end Mary is right I would not wear my mom's pants and she would not ever wear mine.


Because we both have different styles!

Enough said!

Now I want to know what you think of these shenanigans? 



Chris Porter said...

I'd say if you want to do modern quilting - go for it! We love seeing your modern take on things, at least I do. I personally like the more country, traditional style for myself. If I'm making a quilt for another person, I take into consideration their likes and style. Like the quilt I made for my daughter-in-law out of batiks. Her tastes lean more towards modern. The quilt for my daughter was more traditional and that may be because that was what she was exposed to at home. The Craftsy 2012 BOM I showed at guild was a little more modern than I usually do, but using the greens, yellows and tans made it more "traditional" in my eyes. I love your Circle of Geese, and the colors pop out with the darker background. You would probably like the Craftsy 2012 BOM and it's free online. Even if you don't do the whole quilt, there are 20 different blocks to choose from.

Jennifer said...

I know what you are saying Chris, but I can not help to be torn between the two. If you get a chance do watch Mary's lecture on Craftsy, I think you will see where I am really coming from. I was completely moved in what she had to say and her lecture struck a chord with me. I want to also point out that the 2012 BOM that you did was the original the definition of a modern quilting was. Modern quilting was defined as taking traditional quilting and putting a twist on it and breaking all rules. Basically doing what Bobby Deen has done to his mamma's cooking recipes, and then calling it: Not My Mama's Meals. In this case: Not My Mama's Quilting!
Please don't take any offence, I love what all the ladies do and I enjoy the company all of you give me. I could not be more blessed to be around a great bunch of quilters like yourself.

Linda in Calif. said...

I do love your circle of flying geese. I've seen this pattern before and hope someday to make it. As for the Modern Quilting and the change in the definition - sigh - why are we not surprised that of course the "rules" have tightened and the "quilt police" has arrived. As for me - I'm just going to continue doing my own thing and enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

Quilting is quilting. Keep quilting. Soothe your own soul, and don't worry about square peg round hole, round peg round hole. Worry about what YOU delight in. I give you permission to be both. Traditional AND modern. I give you permission to like depression glass AND pyrex. But remember, if you submit something to be judged, expect to be judged. Modern, traditional, professional, or beginner. That's the process. Otherwise, enjoy. Delight. As the saying goes, dance as tho no one.....well, you get the picture!! HappiestDays!

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