Friday, March 8, 2013

Loving Encouragement


Every now and again we all need some loving encouragement. 
This mini was made for one of my daughter's Girl Scout leader's mother. 
It was completely made from scraps, which I am absolutely happy about!
However, there is a bit of a downer to this story.
If you remember last week where I posted about this little pink number causing me a lot of anxiety.
Well, that was because of a time thing. 

My daughter's Girls Scout troop has two leaders and the one wanted to surprise the other with a cancer care basket.
So an email was sent out and I offered to make something, and asking what colors would be acceptable. 
I responded back on a Thursday or Friday. 
I checked my email once a day over the weekend and heard nothing back until I checked it again late Monday night.
The email was in general to everyone to have all items turned in on Tuesday night and oh, please if you can make something cheery in the breast cancer colors that would be great!

Okay I think ya all know where the anxiety came in and we all know there is no way of getting something like this done in a day!

I foolishly tried and of course failed. 
My daughter and I skipped the event we were supposed to turn our stuff into.
And on top of it all you know when you are trying to get something simple done in a hurry everything that can go wrong, does go wrong.
Well, that happened too!

The next day I got a hold of the other leader cause I had to pick up our cookie order that came in and told her what I was doing for her mom. 
I was so beyond stressed that I forgot it was supposed to be a surprise and let the cat out of the bag.

Damn... I had when that happens! 

The other leader and I made arrangements to where I would pick up the cookies and all the while drop off the mini I had been working on.
Well later in the day plans changed and I still was having problems with the mini and I still did not have it done, but when she dropped off our cookie order, I ended up showing her what I did have accomplished.

She loved it and I know she started to tear up a bit too but she did not let it show.
She even said that her mother's favorite colors are all in the pink family and that her mother would love it!

The other leader also reassured me that I did not let the cat out of the bag because she had received some emails that she was not supposed to receive about the whole "surprise."
Then she reassured me that I could take my time in getting this mini done because she would see her mom again soon.


And there went the anxiety!

Well, sort of.

I was so wound up over the whole situation of trying to get the darn thing done that I just had to walk away from it for a few days. 
In the mean time I ended up starting and finishing off Amy Butler's Domestic Goddess Apron and once that was finished I was settled down enough to go back to the mini.
I tried various quiltings but nothing I tried would work, so I kept everything simple and had little quilting on it at all.
I then remembered that Angela Walters had used scripted words on a couple of her quilts in her books. 
I figured to why not try it out!
Luckily the script worked!
I used a chalk pen and my best second grade hand writing to get the words onto the fabric.
I then slowly free motion quilted each word and buried my ends into the back of the quilt.

The words of encouragement I chose:

Be Courageous!

Be Courageous

Have Faith!

Have Faith

Be Strong!

Be Strong

Love Always!

Love Always

I used a lighter thread color on the three encouragements so that they would not stand out as much. 
I just wanted the Love Always to stand out more cause no matter what happens you always love!

I know everyone around me kept saying not to put those words of encouragement on there cause the leader's mother's health is declining and she is in her final stages of her breast cancer. 
I had to remind them that yes, this may be for her mother but I made it more for the leader. 
We all need words of encouragement in difficult situations, and this one I feel is no exception. 

I did make up for the words of encouragement by making an over sized mug rug.

Mug rug

That seem to settle any neigh sayers who were against the words of encouragement on the mini!

What do you think, was I out of line with these words of encouragement?


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Linda in Calif. said...

Beautiful, Just Beautiful. I love how this came out. Really funny how things went too - including letting the cat out of the bag, although I'm sure it wasn't at the time. And No, you were not out of line with the words of encouragement. It's totally wonderful and I think the words would benefit anyone and are really special.

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