Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Baskets & My New Favorite Use For Washi Tape

Easter basket 2013

Good Friday Everyone! Are your Easter baskets ready yet?
Obviously you can see ours are!

Normally I would have them done the night before Easter but this year I left some of the candy over at my parent's house (oops) and I also had no where to lazily hide the rest candy in plain site because my stepson is spending the holiday with us this year.  I don't think he would really care that the candy was out but I think it would ruin the surprise of things come Easter morning. Typically I can leave the candy out due to my daughter being with her dad for holiday breaks and my stepsons's mom usually wants him home for holidays.

 Luckily for me my mom brought over the candy I left behind and with in plenty of time, I had both baskets done before my stepson arrived. Well, they are actually bowls. I put the kids stuff in serving bowls this year cause I am pretty sure that my stepson's mom has a pretty good collection of Easter baskets from our house. Not to mention both kids are teenagers too. Its time to start moving them on! Once the day is over each of the kid's candy will go into individual bags and the bowls will be put away for other uses.

Speaking of something useful, I finally caved to the Washi Tape craze. I really did not want to but to use the extra 25% off coupon at JoAnn's you had to have more than one item at the check out. So Washi Tape it was!

Washi Tape

So far the best use I have found it useful for is to hold up the No Trespassing sign on my back porch.

Washi Tape No Trustpassing

We have been in this house for nearly four years and recently sales people and the Jehovah Witness' feel that they have the right to start using the back porch to give their pitches. Not to mention that they are getting pretty aggressive about it too. I find it even more disturbing that even though there are No Soliciting signs on both doors it still does not stop them. What's up with that?

I honestly in all seriousness we really do need this sign again!!!!!

I am all for Jesus and God but you do not see me knocking down your door selling my religion!

I think what really got me the most yesterday is that I was indisposed and they were beating down my backdoor, I thought it an emergency or I thought is was my mom and I forgot to unlock the door for her. Either way: Stop banging on that 100 year old glass! 


By the time I was available, whoever it was had left and about an hour later my mom showed up. When I had asked my mom if she had arrived earlier to my house she said, no she had not. But she did say that there were fresh tracks to the backdoor. When I had check the tracks, one of the two had the nerve to look into our windows to see if anyone was home.  So now the lock on the second backdoor has been fixed and a No Trespassing sign has been placed. Although I do not think any of this will stop the nonsense, I now have the grounds to say; Hey, can you not read? I think you better cause I am calling the police!

You know what the kicker of all of this is. Is that you have to be that rude to people for them to finally get it through their heads that you do not have to answer your front door or backdoor. Either way, unless you are family or really close friends you should not be at the backdoor of anyone's house. Unless that is the only accessible door to the house. In the case of our house it is not! I hope that I am not the only one who thinks this way and I hope no one holds this against me for being an awful person but... yeah, its my right to answer the door or not! It goes along the same lines of not answering the phone because I do not recognize your phone number.

All right just to clear the air, I am not against anyone who chooses what religion to practice. I just ask that its not shoved down my throat or being preached on my doorstep.


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Mary K said...

All I can say is "AMEN"! It doesn't stop them here either.

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