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Blogging Technology 101: Where do my Pictures Go In Blogger ? And Why Use Flickr

Blogging tech Blogger vs Flickr

Ever wonder where your photos go when you upload them to Blogger? 

Where do my pictures go in Blogger?

Notice when you are writing a post in compose that there is a tool bar full of cool items and one of the cool items is a Polaroid picture.

I know without thinking about it most folks will click on it to upload their pictures on to their blog.

Picture 024

And then this window appears offering you the writer options of uploading your photos.

I used to use this tool a lot when I first started blogging, and as much as I like Blogger and Google, I am not to crazy about where my pictures end up. I'll get into the subject more of how I feel about this situation but for now, no matter what photo you upload to blogger it ends up publicly to the web in Picasa Web Albums and if you are not aware of Picasa anyone can steal your photos if you do not go into Picasa and put them all to private. That is where all your photos go if you upload them to Blogger.

Picture 025

How Do I get access to Picasa? 

You can either download Picasa to your computer, Click on the From this blog where you can up load a photo to blogger and there will be a link that will take you to Picasa Web Albums, or sign up to Google +.

Picture 026

This is what Picasa will look like if you are coming from the From the blog selection in Blogger's photo uploader.

Picture 027

This is what it will look like in Google +

Picture 022

You can also access it from your account setting through the photos.

Picture 023

You can change all the photos you have uploaded to private. 
In Google + the highlighted text under the date is where you can change your settings.


In Picasa you can click on the My Photos tab and then click on the Edit Visibility link. 

Picture 028

What's the Big Stink?

The big stink over this issue is that the only way I have been able to get my header or logos on to my blog is through is process of uploading them through Blogger. I have tried countless times to add Flickr's URL to the photo that I want to use but Blogger gets all temperamental and will not allow it. It just down right irritating!

So yes, the only thing I have uploaded in  Blogger are my headers, favcons, and profile photos.

What is your issue with uploading photos to Blogger and where they end up?

As I said earlier I had an issue with uploading my photos through Blogger. Once I discovered where my photos ended up I realized that I had no control over my own photos. Meaning people were able to copy and paste them left and right with out my permission. Not to mention the only way to prevent that was to keep them all private but by then the damage was all ready done.

Flickr, you should be paying me for this!!!!!!

Everything else I upload to Flickr!


First off I have the choice of the who, what, where, why, and how so to speak of who gets to see my photos. Flickr allows me to share my photos to whom ever I want, when ever I want, and I can keep them out of public searches. Yes, I  also have the choice to copyright them or use a creative commons them if I like. I copyright all mine.


Because of photos like this....

MIdwest Crossings 7

This photo is used for Moda's Bake Shop and not to mention I stood out in the 19 degree weather where the wind chill was about five degrees that day.  It may not look cold in that photo but it was very cold that day! Bitter cold to say the least!

So yeah, that picture deserves the respect of having it copyrighted!
And do I deserve the respect of you not stealing it!!!!!!! 
Or any other photos of mine for that fact!

Does this mean if you upload your pictures to Flickr that they are 100% protected from being stolen?

Nope, but it is the best you are going to get!

I have searched for my photos and I only found not even a hand full (since I started using Flickr) of sites that were using my pictures, because I have them hidden from public searches.

Where do I find the hide from public search option in Flickr? 

When you are uploading your photos, you will have the option to set them to private and underneath that option is where you can find the hide from public search option.

How do I find my photos on other sites?

You can go into any search engine and put in your name, your blog, and see what appears and where it appears. You can do a web search or an image search.

However, I did come across this blog on Pinterest that will tell you exactly how to find your photos. The tutorial is called: How to see if your Photos are being used on another site  by Kevin and Amanda. Let me tell ya I tried it and it does work!

What is another reason why you prefer Flickr over any other photo sharing site?

I would say that knowing that I have a bit more control over my photos allows me to sleep better at night I guess you can say. Because I know some pervert is not able to take the photos of my kids and use them for kiddy porn. Its stuff like that, that makes me think twice about the photos I take and the photos I publicly post. Plus there is a great social aspect among quilters there, and a great deal of inspiration appears there too!

Well that is all I have for now!



Mareenchen said...

And more things learned! Thanks so much.

Linda in Calif. said...

Oh, this is so important to know, as I don't want everyone to have excess. I'm wondering how do you use Flicker to be the host instead of Pisasa? By the way, Midwest Crossings is beautiful.

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