Sunday, March 24, 2013

An Eventful Week!

Yep, you read that right! 

Which means that this Sunday and next Sunday (Easter Sunday) there will be no Blogging Technology 101 tutorials. I'll have a new one up the Sunday after Easter.

With that said I can not express on how exhausted I am! 


The waiting

This morning (Saturday) started at 4:00 am so that my my baby girl could catch her flight this morning. And as much as none of us wanted to be up at 4:00 am it was worth doing! We missed the security hassle and the long lines to check in, that was nice! 
We (my mom and I) even got to go past security with my daughter to see her off.

Say what?

I'll explain it all in a minute!

I will say that it was nice and I know how strange that sounds since really none of us have been able to do something like that (say good bye to our loved ones at the gate) since 9/11. And yes, we got to watch her plane take off too. 

There goes my baby girl!

 I can not express the emotions that came over me in letting my daughter go onto this flight. Oh, I cried! After she was out of view of course. Its really hard letting go! My thoughts were a bit neurotic (more along the lines of; "That's my baby girl and you better be sure to fly that plane right") and I knew that I would be a bundle of nerves until I heard from her when she finally met her destination and was back on solid ground again! 

Okay to answer that getting security question?

Well for one my daughter is still a minor and she is a minor on crutches! 

Your daughter is on crutches?

Yep, my daughter broke her ankle at track practice on Tuesday!
 Oh, she thinks I am weird for taking this photo and her words were: Ewwwwhh! Mom, that's gross!

Daughter's broken ankle

Anyhow, finish answering that question. We got permission from the airline to accompany my daughter to her gate since she was flying alone. 

And to answer the question of how my daughter did break her ankle......Hurtles!
She was jumping over hurtles and landed on her foot wrong. The best I can explain it, is it looks like some one took a hammer to a thin piece of plywood. Now if you ever hit a hammer to a piece of plywood really hard you know that the hammer will go through the wood and splintering it. Not to mention leaving the piece of plywood bowed! Except her ankle is not splintered but its pretty close! She had a pretty nasty break on the ball joint of the tibia, and she has to be really careful cause the bone is barely hanging on. Its going to be a long healing process and we are trying to avoid any surgeries. 

Needless to say our week was a real "hurtle" to get though. I even begged to get an appointment this week and we luckily got the earliest one (8:00 am) on Friday in hopes that she would have her cast on before her flight. To our dismay my daughter's ankle was so swollen that the doctor said no to a cast until the swelling went down. We were a bit distressed but once the doctor explain that if she did get the cast on that we would be in the ER that night getting the cast off. Plus he also pointed out that flying in her condition with a cast on will not be good either cause of the extra swelling that altitude changes do to your limbs. My daughter was a bit upset over the issue but like I explained to her to take it as a blessing in disguise. "I know Mom!", she said.

All right moving forward to today!

Once my daughter's plane was out of view from my sight my mom said to me that once I was out of the airport and get my mind focused on something else that time will fly on by until I heard from my daughter again. I knew she was right and we decided that since we were in the Cleveland area that we should drop on in over at the I-X Center to the Sewing & Quilting Expo.

We made our way on over to the I-X Center and when we walked in these stars were hanging from the ceiling   

Stars at the IX Center

We arrived a little early and the show was not open yet so we had to wait. While we were waiting there was a booth that had a couple of Gammill machines set up. My mom then asked me what I was looking forward to seeing in the show and I replied, "I want to play with that machine over there!" Referring to the Gammill. As soon as the show opened that is where I headed. Once I got behind that machine my nerves settled from my worry. The only problem, it no matter how much I was trying to concentrate, I kept getting asked how I was doing that! The free motion quilting that is. It blew people's minds that I was quilting without a template or a computer. I will admit that the quilting is not very good but it was still fun to try.

FMQ with the Gammill!

As my mom and I meandered through the show we came across and Avanti dealer and I had to try that Avanti out! I have to say that I did better with the Avanti than the Gammill. And no, I did not get bothered by anyone when I was on the Avanti.

FMQ with the Avanti

I will say if I had my choice to buy one of these machines today I would pick the Avanti because I had more control of the machine than I did with the Gammill. I believe that they both a great machines but yes, I would go with the Avanti. 

As for the rest of the show. Well, I thought it was a great show but not something I would go and do again. However, there were a few benefits to going to the show for me. I got to see fabrics that I wonder about that I see online like cotton sateen. I got to play with the long arm machines. I also did get to see the quality of Koala sewing cabinets (so nice by the way) and I managed to get a couple spools of Aurifil thread and a yard of Kate Spain's Flurry. I was over the top thrilled to get that fabric because I have been collecting Kate's Christmas fabrics to make some things for around the house at Christmas time. 

After seeing everything that my mom and I wanted to see we headed out and got some lunch!

All I have to say about this photo is.....Yummmmm!


And its a good thing that I do not live near one of these Chick fil - a's cause not only would I be broke but I would be a hundred pounds heavier!

Anyway by the time we were done with lunch, the 1/2 Price Books store, and Jo-Ann's my daughter's plane had landed and I finally heard from her. It was not until I heard that she was safe and that everything was okay, and then my nerves settled with no more worry.

Thank God!


Ps. I did by the way get a few sewing projects done this past week too. They are good to chat about in another post or two!


Mareenchen said...

Oh my, that looks absolutely terrifying. My husband once sprained his ankle at footie and it looked rough for a long long time. I can't even imagine how your daughter must feel. Wishing her (and you) patience. x

Pam said...

I hope your daughter's ankle is ok.... i know it is SOOOO hard to let them go!
It sounds like you will be making room in your house for a long arm machine soon...they are addictive! There is so much to consider with the different machines - they all have their different quirks and features; how much the machine weighs, the wheels, can you adjust the height of the table.... I ended up with an A-1 and am really happy with it. it is a work horse and the more I use it the happier we both are!

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