Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today I Fell in Love With

Shelburne Falls by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit Fabrics.

Honestly like Chicopee I did not fall head over heels over Shelburne Falls collection until I saw Mary's (Molly Flanders) post titled Random today.

I love what she is putting together with the maple collection.

Man I was good as gold to swear off fabric buying for now.

Well, until July that is!

I am interested in and looking forward too V&Co 's new line Simply Style.

LOVE, love, love those ombre chevrons!!!!!!

I guess I can see it this way.
I could buy the Maple colorway from the Shelburne Falls collection and wait out my time for Simply Style.

Um huh..yeah, that sounds like a good plan.

Hey, so far I have been a good quilter in the not buying any fabric.
I have been spending on stuff I really need (batting, thread, needles, and other notions) lately and not really wanting.

Since its Valentine's day here are a few other things around here that I love....

um...okay Ryan that sounds like a great plan!
But you will be doing the spending right!?!?!!?

Okay... well, a girl can dream!

Moving on!!!!

All right everyone on the count of three say this in your mind.




Red Bobbin!  .....Yummmmm! 
(Sorry, I could not resist)

Red Bobbin

These bobbins also come in other assorted colors too!

Colored Bobbins

I do not know if any other company out there does this with their bobbins but if you own a Husqvarna Viking find out from your dealer if there are any that suit your machine if you are interested.

Another thing I am loving is that my daughter has followed through on getting all the squares sewn together for her soon to be baby brother's rag quilt.



So proud of her!!!!

Now we just have to come up with an arrangement to put it all together.
I am thinking that a trip around the world pattern would be cute.
If not, just a plain patchwork pattern will do just fine.

Or ya know what, a chevron pattern could work too!

Yep, I like that idea!

[Okay excuse my impulsive thinking there.]

Oh, one thing that we all found absolutely funny tonight at the dinner table was furry kid number two's tuna coma.

Leah in a Tuna Coma

Every Thursday is tuna and milk day for the two furry kids and they look forward to it every week.

I know...yuck! ....tuna and milk?!?!?

Hey, they're cats!

Anyway my husband turned to look to see what the cats were up to and there was Leah on the floor laying on her back and staring out into space.

I was surprised she stayed like this for over five minutes and she remained that way when I got up to get the camera.

Ladies and gentleman our flighty scare-dee cat was in her happy place with a tuna hangover coma.

Isn't such a wonderful thing to have your belly full of your favorite treat???

Leah sure thinks so!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!!


Ps. Not a bad post by the way considering that Valentine's day is my least favorite holiday and I really had no intentions to post anything.

Oh, why is it my least favorite holiday?

Because I believe you should show your love, affection, and kindness everyday to the ones you love and not be an adored brat on one day only!!!

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