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The Bitchy, Greedy, Ungrateful Housewife.

Sun set

I am writing this post today to make light on a subject that was just recently brought up to my attention.
This is a subject I know I have lightly discussed a time before and I just want to bang my head against the wall for having to discuss it again!
I was pointed out by someone that I come across as a bitchy, greedy, ungrateful housewife. First and foremost I have said this before: I do not expect to be everybody's cup of tea and not everybody is mine. The same thing goes for personal opinions, core values, and views on life itself. You are not going to jive with every person out there that you meet whether it would be the real world or the internet!!!!! Yes, there are things on this blog at would rightly pin point me to be just those things that were said about me: A bitchy greedy ungrateful housewife!

I realize in text form it is hard to get a sense of humor across to most people, and in the post were I sound like a "bitchy, greedy, ungrateful housewife" I am actually trying to make light on the subject on a difficult subject. Matter of fact some of my favorite blogs do that! I am a person who tells the truth, and the things that I write are real and there are times when I do not address certain subjects correctly or to put it bluntly; sensitively. I also know people do not like it when the truth is written about them. I can testify that I have not ever said anything slanderous or made any character assassinations on my blog.

I am a quiet person who has always had an very forward out spoken voice and quite frankly I am quite tired of holding that voice in, and I am quite tired of people telling me to hold it in!!! I am not keen on drama or drama queens! I am not keen on people who seek out the worst in others and exploit them to no end. I know these type of people are miserable people. They do not like to see other people succeed, nor do they like to see others doing better then themselves. Plus these type of people thrive off of misery and other people's miseries. Yes, the last five years have been rough but it has been rough on every one around the world too! Economic crises are lovely...right?

My biggest mistake while writing this blog and even the old blog is using it as a cheap therapist. I know I am not the only one out there who has done that. There are thousands of blogs out there despite the subject matter that do the same thing. In the end they are just trying to be relatable, and real to others. Many of these blogs and I guess you can say and you can also chuck mine in to the pile of them all too, are called: "Mommy Blogs!"  It is an infectious cultural phenomenon in the blogging world and the quilting community is no exception.  There are numerous quilting blogs out there that talk about their families, and their daily on goings. Again it's part of being real and entertaining to others. I mean really, I could pull a hoax on ya'll....Manti Te'o anyone?

Sorry for the rant. I despise having to write a rant post! It really should have not been necessary!

All right let's turn this post around and let's shed some light on what I am talking about when it comes to keeping things real. Not to mention what it takes to keep a blog going.

First and foremost my blog's main subject is about quilting and I know I have gone off the beaten path and ventured into talking about my family; "Mommy Blogging" or better yet cheap therapy. I know many readers out there either love hearing about the "Mommy Blogging" aspect of other bloggers. I also know there is the crowd that rather see me as the all time quilting android. Between those two convictions is where I struggle in blogging. Its like...Damn what do you really want from me? So like a foolish person I try to fill both needs. It does not always work for everyone.

I know many of you out there are quilters and don't have to tell you that you know how long or tedious it takes to make larger quilts. For instance this Super Mario quilt I made for my stepson was a real tedious quilt to make.

Super Mario Brothers Quilt Finished!!!!!

Not to mention it took a long time to put together too. Cutting all the 1 1/2" squares was very time consuming. Not to mention pressing all of them onto in the interfacing grid is a real pain too. Just thought that I would point out that in the picture below I calculated that there were about 2000 1 1/2" squares and that was not even the half of what was needed.

2000 plus

I will be honest I do not make quilts for just anyone. The moment I saw the Super Mario Brothers quilt design I instantly thought of my stepson and knew he would love it. For the record: He told me that he loves it! By the way, he truly is a sweet kid!

This White Stars quilt was another quilt that I made for some one because I thought it would brighten his day. Seriously you sit day in and day out in a gloomy hospital room! I think you would want something bright and colorful to cheer you up too!

White Stars Quilt

For me what currently takes center stage of my quilting projects are the projects that do have dead lines attached to them.

Ice cream cone  binding 10

I know that this is probably one of parts in my blog that I sound bitchy, greedy, and ungrateful for not having a studio space. I know most people can work in total chaos but I can't. I have to have a quiet environment so I can think clearly. I do not have to tell any quilter that there is a ton of math involved when designing a quilt. I do not have to tell any quilter that working behind a sewing machine can be hazardous. I have known many people that have been distracted from what they are sewing together and had the needle go right through their fingers. ...I cringe at the thought of that!

Something else I just recently discovered when it comes to quilting. Is that free motion quilting is an all mental exercise. Which also for me takes a lot of need for a quiet environment so I can really concentrate on what I am working on.  The photo below is my most recent finish and yes, its the quilt I have been struggling to get finished for Moda! Oh, I got a thumbs up from the hubs on this one! I am super thrilled to know that he likes it!

Finished Quilting

Another thing I have learned though blogging is to have really amazing photos to tell the story.

Brightly Twisted

I will say that is one of the best parts of blogging for me is the photography. I have always considered myself an amateur photographer. I love how a picture can tell a story. The crazy thing about photography is that you do not have to have the most expensive camera to get great photos. You just have to start looking at things in a different perspective to get that great shot. Check out these nine photos and the stories that they tell. Yes, they are all photos that I have taken.



Sailboat 3

Rollar Coaster 2

Small town USA

Nature 29


Nature 21

Nature 23

Oh, by the way none of those photos were ever touched up. I work with the options on my camera and with natural lighting. Also some of those photos were from the 35 mm days.

Something that kind of unnerves me about blogging especially in this culture is the instant need to show something off. Yes, I have been victim to it too. I realize part of blogging is to entertain. I remember when I first started blogging I stated that I was going to take a month off for the holidays. What ended up happening is that when I returned there was a dead crowd to write too. Everyone had up and left my blog! Ever since then I have this need to not ever announce that I need a break and constantly keep on blogging no matter what the subject is.

As I said there is this unnerving need to show something off. On the positive side its typically something crafty like this scarf...

Knitted Scarf

or fabric purchases. Although showing off fabric purchases can be a bit of a dodgy thing to show off. Some people find it to be vain while others find it helpful.

Midwest Modern

A positive thing to show off are things that you involve yourself in. Joining a guild has many benefits. You get real time feed back about your projects. There is always someone there to help out if you are stuck on something. Not to mention the communal aspect and the sisterhood bonds that are formed.

Quilt Basting

As a blogger this is where I stray off the beaten path. I know my major subject is quilting but I am not one that likes to be put in a box. Not to mention when you have sponsors who pay for space to advertise on your blog. You do need to keep written content up. Otherwise it is not fair to pay you to blog when you have nothing to blog about.

Unfortunately for me this is where I really get off the beaten path of my subject matter. I do love to cook and I am very particular about my kitchen. It really does make my husband shake his head. Its all in good nature though. I am a trained cook and I want things to run in my kitchen in a particular way. If that makes me sound bitchy, I can at least say you will not be getting any food poising, or any other food born illnesses when you leave my house.

Salmon Dinner

Oh, I wanted to share this recipe from Pillsbury its the Grands Unsloppy Sloppy Joe. I saw them advertise them last month and tried them. My husband even loved them too!

Sloppy Joe Turnovers

Thought That I would share them in the name of Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!

For me as a blogger this is the most touchy off the beaten track subject I can talk about; the family! I know there for a while I chatted it up about the two furry kids in the photo below, and it got to a point where I was starting to sound like a crazy cat lady! Not cool!

boo & lea

I have held the respect of not having photos of the human kids on my blog due to some crazy person who kept stealing my photos of them. I found this out through the links that are attached to my blog. Also the family subject has been a touchy subject because my husband likes to stay rather low and under the radar of the internet. Its all do to getting away from a crazy woman he used to be with. I can not really blame him on that! Cause when you break up with some one its just done, and well, done is done! Moving on! And that is how I feel when it comes to writing about the family situation. I just want to move on!

I will say that having a good blog is writing about what you know. For me if the things that I know come across bitchy, greedy and ungrateful well there might be some truth to that. I will say that the end of each day I do love my husband. I am grateful that there is a house we call a home. I am blessed to be a stay at home mom who is allowed to follow her dream in becoming an artist, and to be able take care of her own child. Because I remember the days when I was a single parent and none of this ever seemed possible.

 The last bit of advice from this very long post I have written is keep everything you write in a positive light and remember not everyone will like what you do write. If you are anything like me you will keep you eyes peeled for great blogs with great advice on how to be a better blogger. Quite frankly as much advice there is out there I don't think any one knows what they are doing.

The bitchy greedy ungrateful housewife!
[Oh, oops! That was all meant done up in a humorous sign off]


Ps. Got some good news! When I applied to write book reviews for C&T Publishing I also applied for Martingale. Well, as you know I heard back from C&T Publishing right away but I never heard back from Martingale until this past week. So the good news is I will also be writing book reviews for Martingale too!. Oh, a big congrats to Megan Scott over at C&T Publishing on you new little one. Hope your baby is happy and healthy!

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Natasha said...

WHAT? was this first thing I thought when I saw that someone thought you came across as a bitchy, greedy, ungrateful housewife. Mind you, I only know you from your blog but I thought that, "that person is nuts".

I love that you are honest and that you do what YOU want to do.

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