Friday, February 8, 2013

Life After Making a Deadline Quilt

Life after making a deadline quilt for me at least is all about taking a big breather and revealing my stresses.
Especially after the struggle it was to get this last one done.
Now mind you I put myself in the position of having a deadline and I am no way complaining about it.
So what do I do after making a quilt with such fuss.
Well I find something to do that is the total opposite of quilting itself.
This time around I relieved my stress by playing Disney's Epic Mickey.

This game also happens to be my daughter's game, and after asking my daughter's permission I started in on playing the game. Let me tall ya I am by far not a gamer at all but what a stress relief it was to play that game. I have gotten as far as Tomorrow City and then royally messed up the scenario of the game. Just an FYI: The game itself is kind of like real life where if you mess up you pay for the consequences later. Sadly in this one scenario I could not remember all of what was played out in the YouTube video and I know if I keep on playing that my poor Mickey would have suffered for it big time later on in the game. So that is where I called it and moved onto another interest. Oh, the link for the YouTube channel that has all the correct scenarios in it can be found *here* in case you or you kids are interested in playing the game.

Once I was relieved of all the stress and left my poor Mickey just hanging there I started back on the these lovely flannels! If you remember we (my daughter and I) are turning these lovely flannels into a rag quilt for her soon to be baby brother.

Progress in a day

I am thrilled to say that the some of the best parts about working on the little project is that...
  • I am working on a project with my daughter!!!
  • Using fabrics from my stash and consuming some fabrics from my mom's extra large stash as well.
  • Using left over scrap batting. They are the over sized pieces left over from the larger quilts I have made.
  • Lastly this project is not only low maintenance, but its is also low stress, and low cost to make!

Scrap batting

In the process of putting together the rag quilt sandwiches and using up all that scrap batting, which is going to a better use than going into the trash can. Yay!!!!

Building towers of rag quilt squares

The only down side about this rag quilt is that I just thought I was just wing it. Again that not ever a good idea unless you are improving something. Since this is not an improv project I should have known better. It was after I had all the squares cut out that my mom informed me that I needed to leave a 1/2" seam to make the rag cuts. Basically if I wanted a 6" square as I intended I should have cut them at 7 1/2" and not 6 1/2" as I usually would for any regular quilt. This same scenario tapped me on the shoulder too when it came to cutting out he batting as well. I originally cut the batting as best as I could (batting has its own personality by the way) at 5 /12" but as you can see from the photo below I had to cut them down some more to 5". In the end instead of having 6" squares for this little rag quilt we will end up with 5" squares instead. Which is okay because that is the size that comes in a charm pack any way.

half inch difference

Now all the cutting is done for the rag quilt, it is up to my daughter to sew them all together and she has been doing just that. Oh, give her credit too, she has been seam ripping out all of her mistakes as well. Sniff, proud! lol!!!!

 Oh, speaking of my mom.... I had been searching all over the internet for an apron pattern that would suit me for my structure and size. I did find a few but their finished product did not thrill me as much. I also came across this Domestic Goddess Apron designed by Amy Butler and thought it was okay but still kept on searching for that right apron that I was looking for. Well, it turns out that the Domestic Goddess Apron was the right apron I was looking for all along.  

The domestic goddess apron

Luckily for me our lqs is starting to carry modern fabrics as well as modern patterns, and that is where my mom was kind enough to pick it up for me. Thank you mom!!! 

Also Mom, Happy Bleated Birthday!!!!!

This week I even had a chance to take a look though Barbra Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. I currently have it on loan from the library, and I told my husband if you ever are thinking about getting me something as a gift, please by all means buy me this book! I don't care if it is used so as long as it is in good condition.

What is so special about this book is that it has over 4000 quilting design patterns and not to mention this book is no longer in print.

And if he does not ever feel the need to buy this book for me its okay! I am like my husband in this aspect where we both have certain items we want for ourselves but other things are taking lead priority at the moment. Hey life happens!

So now that I had a week to chillax! I am back to another deadline project for the bake shop.

Next Bake Shop Project

I am going to say cost wise ya'll are going to hate me terribly over this project but since it will be my last one for a while for the bake shop, and I am standing by the saying: Go big or go home!!!! I am letting ya know that this one is going to be a big one!


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Cindy Crowell said...

I was lucky enough to work on both epic mickey games! I have yet to play them though...

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