Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Introducing Blogging Technology 101 Series

Blogging tech 1

This series is a basic (101) course on how to give your blog a makeover on your own without having to pay someone else to do it. Not that there is nothing wrong with paying someone. I know for a fact there are folks out there that would love to pay someone to makeover their blog but can not afford to.

I also realize that "technology" may not have been the best use of words for this series. Nonetheless, there is some technical things involved. Like yes, you will have to deal with some HTML codes but don't panic the way things are set up today HTML codes are much easier to deal with than they were 10 years ago. 

Here is what this series will consist of:
  • How to make your own header, page badge, and background
  • How to make great use of Fotoflexer and Picmonkey
  • How to get those social media icons onto your page.
  • How to get those great photos with a cheap camera
  • How to use premade headers and backgrounds from other sites.
  • Along with a few other know hows from other bloggers that I have spotted along the way
The one thing I will recommend if you all ready do not have is to open a Flickr  account. No I am not being paid by Flickr to promote their site. I am recommending it to make your blogging life much easier.

When will the series officially start?

This Sunday of course and every Sunday after that unless other wise stated!

Anyway hope that any information through out this series will help, and yes, there will be some rolling up the sleeves for some computer dirty work! A blog can not look good without a great person to maintenance it...right?!?!?


Ps. I am apologizing in advance to any of you who blog out of any other site other than Blogger. I am a Blogger, blogger and I will be demonstrating things from Blogger. However, do not be discouraging from following this series. There might be some things that can transfer between sites that you might find useful. -JLO

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Linda in Calif. said...

I've been blogging for a little while now but I sure could use the 101 class. Thanks!

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