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Blogging Technology 101: Headers & Badges Part 1

Blogging tech 1

When I stumble across someone's blog the first thing that I see is their header and later as I scroll down I will sometimes see a blog badge. When I started blogging I had no clue on how to get these done on my own, and I used to think that you had to hire some one to make this all possible. Well, you can still hire someone if you want too but I am telling you from experience you do not have too. All because there are so many tools out there today that can help you make your header and badge on your own and some of them are free to use!
Most of the work I have done was on my own with guidance from playing follow that link and the end link would lead me to a website that specialized in how to make that header by using what that site had provided. Well, that's nice and all but I noticed that these sites went on to use photo editing sites such as Fotoflexer. I sat and watched the tutorials that the site had provided but to be honest it really did not sink in because they were talking a language that I just did not get. In the end of it all some of the stuff that was explained stuck and thanks to the use of the undo button I learned my way of making my own headers and badges through trial and error. Just take a look below of some of my past headers and badges.

These were some past headers:
 photo cid__0116111624-1-1.jpg  photo Copyofsunflower-2-1.jpg
   photo ShabbyBlogsInkedHeader2-1.jpg Header photo ShabbyBlogsInkedHeader2-1-1.jpg  
 These were a few of my past badges:
 photo GHSbutton.jpg       photo ghs17.jpg        photo Copyofsunflower-1.jpg

The sky is the limit for your blog look! Now depending on what the look you are going for all depends on you. However, I will demonstrate two different types of headers. One using a photo background and one with just text and color. I will also demonstrate in separate post using photo editing sites such as picmonkey and fotoflexer. This way you get an idea of what both sites are like and how to get around working in them. All right here is the first thing I am going to have you do and that is to make a new folder in your My Pictures and then name your folder headers and badges. This is where you will be keeping all headers and badges for future use!

Picture 1954
 Next you are going to make your blank blog header. Now please excuse me and my dinosaur of an computer for having old programming but I am pretty sure all new devices still have Paint somewhere on them.

To get to Paint:
  • Click onto "start" and then go to "all programs"
  • Hover your mouse over to "Accessories"  and then hover over and then down to "Paint
  • Click on paint to open the program

Once Paint is open you will have a small square all ready waiting on ya.

Picture 1869

Around the square will be tiny little squares and they are what makes the square stretch.
If you hover your mouse over the tiny squares a arrow will appear.
Sometimes it will be temperamental.
Oh, you will see these arrows and squares through out in all the programs that will be used.


Take the existing white square and stretch it with the black arrow by using your mouse as wide as your screen will allow you to stretch it.

Picture 1870

Then lengthen it to was wide as you want it but I would not go no more then four inches on this step.

Picture 1872

Once you are good with your final product, the next step is to save it.
Click on file and then click on save as.
Make sure when you save you are saving in the file you created for headers and badges.

Picture 1876

Another window will pop up and it should be your my pictures file.
Title your new white background as white background or what ever it is that you will remember when you are looking for it again.

Picture 1873

Then click on the Save as type.

Picture 1874

and hover your mouse down to JPEG and then click save.

Picture 1875

*You do not ever want to save any pictures under Bitmap, cause you will not ever see it in your photos file.*

Once you have saved your background check to see if it was saved right in My Pictures file that you created earlier as headers and badges.

Okay that is all for this post. The next post will involve taking your white background over to fotoflexer and see what magic can happen over there!


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