Saturday, January 12, 2013

No Show...*Sigh!* But Would You Be Interested In.....

Indigo Crossings

You'll have to forgive me on my lack of post lately.
I have been a bit busy playing with this bundle of fabric for the last few weeks or so!!!!
Sadly I can not show what I am working on until... well, long story short it's for the bake shop.
So you know how that song and dance goes.
No matter how much I would love to share the progress and what I am working on, I can not. 

At least I can share a few thoughts on the things I am thinking about or planning for the blog.
(goal setting, its a must for me)

I am thinking about headlining a couple of swaps.
If anyone is interested???
Mind you they will not be something right away.
Still have to get 2012 stuff out of the way, which should land me to getting to all the 2013 stuff by spring at the rate I am going!!!!
*Sigh again!!!*

Darn sewer system!!!!
Long, long story!

I am thinking about a Secret Sister or Brother (guys sew too) Swap.
(got to come up with a better title than that)
For anyone out there who has never participated in something like this, you send in a half yard of your own fabric and then that half yard is sent to someone else.
That someone else makes something from your half yard and then sends you the finished product.
This Stars Over Manhattan quilt was something I received from my secret sister.
Its the quilt pictured below.

Secret Sister Swap

I was happy with the end result and I have this quilt hanging on my front porch.
No worries, our front porch is a covered porch.
So no damage to be done except sun damage!
By the way this swap was done with my guild and it was fun to see who got who and how the end results turned out.

Did you know that the color of the year this year according to Pantone is.....


Source: via Daniela on Pinterest

I know the beginning of last year there was a swap/challenge to make something from tangerine tango, but I have not seen anything of that sort for this year.
(long drawn sigh with inquisition look) Hump!

Okay grant it emerald can be a bit of a challenging color, cause even I am having a hard time coming up with something with it too!

Speaking of color....
One of my guild ladies suggested a paint chip challenge for our guild to do.

I'm just wondering if anyone would be up for one.
It sounded like a lot of fun!

Well, let me all know what you think and we will see if the wheels can be put into motion!


Ps. Sorry to mislead anyone with the title thinking that I was giving away a fat quarter bundle.
Again so sorry!
When that actually happens I'll let you know for sure!


Anonymous said...

Do you know if that indigo crossing bundle is still available? It looks very interesting.

Anonymous said...

By the way the above question is from Marcia(NLQG) writing from work...shhh.

Jennifer said...

lol... I will not tell if you don't! Indigo Crossings was just released this month. I know the Fat Quarter Shop has it for sure and I am willing to bet that Country Fabrics will have it too!

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