Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Plate It Up!

Lately I have been cooking some things that has been making my family just swoon. Seriously there's no joking about it. This all stemmed from being in a cooking rut. I would cook the standards in our house and everything just seemed so blah!

One night while making meat loaf I decided to just throw in a few extra ingredients. Nothing overly expensive, just dried diced onions and garlic powder and a few other ingredients. When it came time to plate up and eat, my husband went over the moon for this dish. I was like: Really, its a standard meat loaf?! Matter of fact he nearly eat the whole loaf that is how much he liked it. I have to say of what was left over did make a great next day sandwich.

Meat loaf

Reusable Book Cover Tutorial

Book Cover Tutorial

Wright's Double Fold Bias Tape Binding Tutorial

Wright's Double Fold Binding Tutorial

Sausage Pilaf

Picture 185.1

Monkey Bread

Picture 840.1

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It Only Seems Fitting

Picture 260


Hello Everyone!

Sorry for any confusion or what not but please do excuse the construction mess of this blog! I have to say fresh starts are fantastic. Yep, change can be good though I hated doing this to my readers but in the end I am hoping everything will work out for the best. A new site, a new email address, and lots more to come. I hope this is the final move for my blog so please be patient with me in this transition.

Thanks a bunch all!

And take care!

Jennifer O.
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