Friday, December 21, 2012

Ousted & Thrown Under the Buss Over Chocolate!


Yep, you read that title right! 
And it all happened over dinner last night when my husband was giving my daughter a hard time for hiding her chocolate turkey that my mom gave her for Thanksgiving. In a kidding way my husband kept harassing my daughter on why she hid the chocolate. Finally she had enough and said; Mom had one too!

I looked over at her and was like: Thanks! Thanks a lot!

Than my husband proceed to harass me over why I had to hide my chocolate turkey. I proceed to tell him that if we did not hide it neither (my daughter or I) would have anything. Don't get me wrong sweetheart but if I shared with you the smallest amount of chocolate I would come to discover that there would be none the next time I wanted some for myself, I simply explained to him.  

Jokingly offended (not really) he then proceeded to go in detail of the lengths he would go in order not to share any chocolate with my daughter or I the next time he would bring some chocolate of his own home. Me, not really offended over the fact of his great lengths to make sure that he does not share any more chocolate that he brings into the house. Don't worry dear darling husband of mine, I thought to myself. I have another secret stash of chocolate that you will not find since now my last hiding place has been ousted!   

Its amazing I told him, that the whole entire time that chocolate turkey was under your nose and all the while you never discovered it! Offend over that fact he then asked: Where was it hidden? I knew if I did not answer I would not have heard the end of it. Dear hubby I told him, if you looked in the drawer with all the plastic wrap you would have not ever missed it! 

My husband was astonished but it was no surprise to me that I can leave something that I want to hide from my husband, and yet still be able to leave it out in plain sight!  In a way its a good thing and in another way it not that I can pull something off like that. Am I proud that I have to go through those great lengths to do what I have to do just to have a little bit of chocolate in my life,... no! I do believe ya'll can understand why I go through those great feats to do so. At the same time yeah, it so wrong!

So what great lengths do you have to go through just so you don't have to share your chocolate stash?

This little o'l mind of mine is just curious to know!


Oh, I forgot to mention that all the while of this conversation we were so laughing our butts off. I mean it was such a rofl (roll on the floor laughing)  moment!

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Marilyn said...

Sad to say but, sometimes I have to hide it from myself. By the way
those pumpkin spice chocolates are to die for. Happy Holidays

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