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2012 Another Year Gone By!

2012 Another year gone by!
Here we all are already counting down the time until we are on the flip side of 2013. 
By the way Happy New Years Eve!!!

2012 was a year of so much happening both personally and publicly, that I could go on forever in rambling about it in so many ways but I rather go about it this way... in pictures that is! Well, with a few words of the wise too. Pictures can not tell the whole story! Sorry no collages here to wrap up this past year cause that is not how I want to remember my 2012!
Here is 2012 in 32 nut shells!!!!!

cover 23

1.) 2012 started project wise started out simple with a book cover. I made this cover (old school style) so that it could adjust to any size notebook and have other multiple reuses around the house. For instances it would be suitable to double s a quick table runner or bread basket covering just to name a few.


2.) I made this sewing machine cover from being inspired by Heather Jones' (Olive & Ollie) sewing machine cover. Heather had made her cover with tumblers which was a hot commodity in 2011. Sadly I did not have any means for tumblers on had but I did have a few English paper piecing apple apple cores hanging around.   


3.) I tried knitting and crocheting the normal way a long time ago. I always loose my count and place. Looming it has been the best option for me. Though I am not very proficient at it I just like having the loom to hang around when I want something mindless to do while watching TV.

caddy 92

4.) My All Purpose Caddy debuted at the Moda Bake Shop in February. 
Fun facts about the caddy: on Flickr it has had 1,492 views and 15,016 visits over at Moda's Bake Shop.
Notice something on the photo? This is when I started to change the name of my blog and was really in the motion of wanting to break out and have my own pattern company.  


5.) After each Moda Bake shop project I usually have a lot of useful scraps hanging around. This patriotic table runner is no exception to those left over scraps. Also about this time my Singer was starting to act up and my mom loaned me her White. I made this little table runner with the White machine to get to know it better and to finally get a handle on free motion quilting.  

Finished Chevron quilt 3

6.) I finally tackled a Chevron quilt! I am not so crazy about HST's after making this quilt but it did turn out all right in the end. I also did a binding tutorial with this quilt on how you can use your backing as a binding.


7.) Oh My, Shabby Butterflies debuted at Moda's Bake Shop in April. Fun facts about this quilt: It is the quilt that I get the most love email about from all of you, and I thank you for it too! On Flickr it has had 1,248 views and at Moda's Bake Shop it has had 9,578 visits. 

It was also about this time I had shut down Gable House Sewing for good and created gh quilting. I had hoped for a fresh start and to be viewed with a new out look in the blogging community. However, a zebra can not change its stripes and I had still a lot to learn from this online quilting community. It was also about this time that I was asked to join The Lets Get Acquainted Blog Hop. Thanks to Beth (Plum and June) for all of those guest bloggers and great advice on how to be a better blogger. Also thanks to Beth for introducing new bloggers to my sphere because a lot of you have a ton of talent!

houndstooth 4

8.) I finally got a grip on Vanessa Christenson's (V&Co.) Houndstooth Quilt. This quilt in the quilting community is a smash hit! Needless to say I love it too! This quilt had a few first for me. It was the first real quilt that I gave away to someone that was done in really quality work. It was also the first time that I had made this quilt too. Oh, to recap this quilt was received by a gal who was expecting on my husband's side of the family. Little did I know her grandmother was the quilter of the family. The grandmother passed away in late 2011. 

Pillow cases

9.) I had some Amy Butler prints hanging around that I had no clue what to make into. Luckily for me my guild is doing a service projects with the Girl Scouts here in town and together we will be making pillow cases for American Patchworking Magazine's/All People Quilt -1 Million Pillow Case Challenge. I just thought that it would be nice to get a head start so that I could teach with ease.  

*The Challenge was supposed to start in October with five girls and then go once a month after that to teach five more girls how to sew these pillow cases. Unfortunately there was a scheduling conflict and now both parties are going to meet all at once in January of 2013. 

Tea time

10.) Tea Time For You & Me debuted at Moda's Bake Shop in June with it being my biggest smash hit ever in the bake shop! Thank you all of the well received love for this little project! Tea Time Fun Facts: On Flickr this little project has been viewed 3,151 and has had 15,069 visits over at the bake shop. It is also the last project that I ever sewed and quilted with using my Singer. Thank goodness I did not do any close ups on this one cause the quilting would make ya run for the hills if you ever did see it. Not to mention there is no chance in do overs now for this little quilt!

Grocery Bag 2

11.) I had some left overs from my Oh My, Shabby Butterflies quilt and turned them into useful grocery bags! I do get a lot of compliments on them when I am out and about. I also have been asked for the pattern too and it is not like I have had the time to not get the pattern out and done. I just get distracted by working on some thing else but I swear that I will have this out as a tutorial for 2013.

Hexey MF Progress

12.) I joined in on two quilt alongs over the summer. Its a first ever for me! The first one was Katy Jones' (I'm a Ginger Monkey/Monkey Do) Hexey MF QAL. I knew going in this one for me it would be a long term project and it has been too. I am nearly finished on all the flowers and I am about ready to get all of them connected together. I probably will not have is quilt done until the summer of 2013 at the earliest. The second quilt along Super Mario Brothers was hosted by Angela Pingel (Cut to Pieces). I kind of went rouge on this QAL but for a good reason. 


13.) Not everything I make or design is eye appealing! I had some leftover scraps hanging around from when I first started into quilting. My, how my likes and styles has changed. The other runner is my Interlocking Tiles table runner and yes, there is a tutorial on this blog for it. Just check it out in the tutorials tab. 

241 Tote

14.) The 241 tote by Anna (Noodlehead) gets lots of love anywhere I go. I have used it so much that the handle of this purse is coming unattached. I am currently using another 241 tote until I can get this one fixed. Oh, this was the first project that I made using my new sewing machine. 

HV 875Q

15.) With my Singer finally kicking the bucket and loaning my mom's White was just enough to blow my top. My hubby bought me a new machine. Of course this was after he bought himself a motorcycle. Its a long story about my hubby, the motorcycle, and my new machine.

Winter Carnival Quilt

16.) I don't always make the best color choices and this quilt top proves it. Pattern is called Carnival by Julie Herman (Jaybird Quilts).

Drawstring bag

Four Little bags

17.) Jeni Baker's (In Color Order) drawstring bag were all the rage in 2012. They are easy to make and so useful too. My daughter and her friends loved them because they held all their goodies and did not get in the way while they rode their bikes around town. Did I mention that these little bags can be a bit addicting to make?!?!? Oh, and a bit of added fun was given to these little bags by Terri Harlan (Sew Fantastic). Terri added side pockets for more storage space.

Tula Pink

18.) Best tinsel moment ever!!!!! A signed first edition copy of Tula Pink's book! I had won this copy on Twitter one night during Talking Tuesdays. The Fat Quarter Shop was sponsoring that night and I had missesd what the prize was to be won that night. I received my package a few days later to find it was Tula's book. I all ready had a copy that I received for mother's day so I never stopped to look though the book. My mom was over one day and she look though the book and told me I better keep it because it is a signed copy! 

Cathedral Window pincousion

19.) Attempting to take my crack at making a cathedral window. I followed the pattern from Riley Blake's Cutting Corner's Collage. In 2013 I would love to finally tackle a cathedral window quilt. 

White Stars Quilt

20.) The White Stars quilt was made on a whim for my brother-in-law's son JR. JR has had a long battle with cancer on his spine and was due this past fall for spinal surgery so that he could walk normal again. There was a benefit dinner to raise funds for the surgery and he was all set to go.

 I also posted this quilt to Julies Herman's Flickr page and she absolutely loved it! I then entered it into the Blogger's Quilt Festival over at Amy's Creative Side. No I did not make it into any finals but I was thrill of the talent that was presented over there and it was also my first time attending the event.

Update: JR got to Kansas City for his surgery where everything was a go until blood work came back letting everyone know that he now had leukemia. After that news the surgery was canceled and JR was sent back to University Hospitals in Cleveland. Over Thanksgiving JR and his family could not come over for the big family dinner and we all understood considering the situation. Presently all of the leukemia is now gone and JR's doctors are not taking any chances of it coming back. He has been running a fever cause of the kemo and once the fever is over he is due for a bone marrow transplant, his mother will be his donor.  Once everything is back to normal as it should be JR will then have his spinal surgery. Fingers crossed on this one!!!!   


21.) H-A-LL-O-W-EE-N Spells Halloween! receive a luke warm welcome when it debuted at Moda's Bake Shop. Some times you hit and some times you miss and this case I was some where in the low middle on this one. Some fun facts: On Flickr this quilt has had 179 views and in the Bake Shop it has had 3,553 visits. This is one of those projects that no matter how cool of a sketch ya have does not mean that you will get the same results in the end. 

Faded Color Wheel

22.) The faded color wheel. I finally had my chance thanks to the left overs from the Tea Time for You & Me project to make a color wheel. 

mom's quilt

23.) I have been taking on quilts to be quilted. Mind you, its with folks within my circle who understand that if it all comes undone I can easily fix it with out any worries not any one being offended. This quilt was made for my youngest niece. My mom pieced it together and I quilted it for her. 

The Colorful life 4

24.) Title change again but not the URL. My blog has go through maybe just as much equal face lifts  as Joan Rivers has had, enough said right?!?!? Anyway I am loving the title and if ya'll can bear a new look every once in a while I think we will all be good. Change is good!!!

Rick Rack Final Decision!

25.) Going back to my original sewing roots...garment sewing. It did feel good to be garment sewing again and its something that I kind of needed. Some times its not always best to have a fresh start. Sometimes its better to stop the train and get off to find out what it is that is missing or not going right. That for me was going back to square one again. 

Project Jumping

26.) Having fun with something old and multitasking! I received some vintage fabrics after a guild meeting one night and had a ball creating many project out of them. Then some of the things that I made went to the holiday sales table for my guild, every guild member pitched in projects to donate. None of the things I made sold but that okay, I really was testing to see what the consumers in our area are really looking for and I am glad to know now what they are looking for. As for the multitasking... whoa that was a lot going on at the time and a lot of project that needed to be finished! 

reversible apronReversible apron

27.) If ya got four plus yards of fabric that is kind of out of style and have not clue what to make from it. Make an apron that is twice your size. 

Super Mario Brothers Quilt Finished!!!!!

28.) Finished the Super Mario Brothers QAL Quilt right before Christmas for my stepson. Everyone thought that he would squeal with glee when he would receive it but ya know what, he didn't! What he did do was to go though and name off all the characters on the quilt. At first I didn't think he liked it and I don't think that he really realized that it was for him. My husband had to provoke his son a little to get a reaction out of him. No, it was nothing vile. My husband asked my stepson if he could have the quilt instead. My stepson replied: No, dad its mine!

Oh, just an FYI thing: another row of characters added to the top of this quilt and it will fit a twin size bed perfectly!

How is my quilting again?

29.) How's my quilting? I know, I know some bumper stickers ask how's my driving? But I thought that I would add in some humor and ask; How's my quilting instead? 

Guild Service Project

30.) Apparently my quilting must be okay cause it stood up against a wash and dry cycle. This quilt I did not make but I quilted for my quilt guild's service project. Now, I mentioned in the post about this quilt that at the moment the recipient did not want to be named. Well, we/I have the okay and the quilt was made for Eastman's funeral home here in town. They use the quilts to cover those who have departed to make it look like they are sleeping while being transported from the nursing home to the funeral. The funeral home receives a lot of positive reactions and support for following this method.  

Knitted Scarf

31.) A recent loom finish! I started this back in February. Its been tossed around about the house through out the year and I finally took back to it this past week cause there was no way of getting near my machine with my husband and my stepson around. Long story but I am sure that I have told it before some where on this blog.  

Hoot Apron

32.) The last sewing finish of 2012. An apron designed by Kate Spain for Moda. This apron was part of the Serenade collection and one of the local quilt shops was selling it. My mom bought it for my daughter for Christmas but as crazy busy it has been for me around here I did not get the chance to get it done in time for Christmas. I finally had a free normal (no one was home except me and two kitties) day yesterday and took the opportunity to finally finish it.

I am amazed that I got that much done in one year, and yet it does not seem like a lot was done. But what a year it has been! I am thrilled to be taking bigger steps this past year as far as being more social and I have also been thrilled to have gotten to meet so many new quilting folks. I am now looking forward to a new year and of course I will have a new post on that as well.

Well, I guess the only thing left to say is...I'll see you on the flip side!!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!


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