Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little Dress Options Decided!

Rick Rack Final Decision!

First and foremost: THANK YOU!!!!! 
I never expected anyone to answer, post, or to state their opinions for this topic and for those of you who did ....thank you so much! You really do not know how much it meant to hear your thoughts and opinions!

So,..... it was kind of unanimous a bit that keeping the rick rack behind the hem would look best but no matter what the darn dress is still so darn cute! And that is what I did, I sewed the rick rack behind the hem. If you also noticed I took the advice of loosing the rick rack as a sashing. I agree it does look better. I had to look at the dress in the photos more and decided that it looked great in person, it looked to heavy in photos! Needless to say the photos won.

In case you are wondering how I tacked the rick rack down, I simply tacked down the top edges so they would not roll later on. See in photo below. What is surprising is that adding the rick rack to the hem like this also acts like a hoop. It makes the dress stand out on its own a bit.

Tacking down the rick rack.

The only thing I have left to do for this little dress is to hand stitch the bows... 

Awe the pretty bows!

and buy a new button.
My needle ate that one for lunch!

Broken Button

Speaking of buttons or rather button holes! This dress was the first project were I actually got to work out my buttonhole foot. What an experience!!! 

Button hole foot

For those who have inquiring mind probably want to know what the heck is that black and red abscess is that is attached to my button hole foot. Well this machine is full of sensors and the button hole foot does not lack on that option either. Though do not get me wrong the whole thing is a dream to work with.

Uber sensitive Button Hole foot

It just took me two hours and almost on the brink of exploding frustration of wondering what the heck I was doing wrong? It did not dawn on me that the black and red abscess needed fabric under it to run properly. 
Picture above shows the foot working with the added fabric and the picture below shows off what was frustrating me prior to realizing the problem. The strap to the right is he continued stitch without the added fabric under the sensor and the strap on the left is with the added fabric under the sensor.

Button Hole Issues.

Oh, also for those who were wondering the dress stats pattern was: McCall's M4424 go *here* for more information! Also yes, I have made this little dress a few times before. It is how I really learned how to sew was by making these dresses and other baby items. Here is the first dress I made from this pattern. According to Flickr I uploaded it in March of 2009?!?! Hun...didn't realize it was all that long ago!




I made these dresses and as mention other baby items to sell but it was a big flop! 

People tend to think that....Just because it was handmade they believe it should be cheap! 

When it actually reality....

I did end up selling this little dress in a yard sale and not for the price I wanted. I was asking $5.00 and it went for $3.00. I had them on eBay asking $20.00 then $10.00 and still no bids. I even had a Big Cartel and Etsy stores and again nothing. On the upside the only thing I could sell and was getting tired of making them was Darlene Zimmerman's Wash Day Clothes Pin Bag. And even then I had a hard time selling those too!


What's the fuss over selling these items other than another personal story? 

Well, my guild is going to be selling handmade items at the annual Hometown Holidays event in our town and the little dress will be included in that sale along with this doll quilt pictured below and a few more items that I have prepared.

Oh, Retro Me!

I am using fabrics from my stash and the fabric that I got from the last guild meeting to pull somethings together. I am hoping the sale goes well and all items sell. But if my items do not sell I may just list them in the old Big Cartel store again.



Rita said...

It is sad the little dress only went for $3.00. Someone got a great deal. I really don't understand this. It is a beautiful little dress any little girl would enjoy wearing and getting many compliments. It makes me rethink making sweet little girl dresses and selling them on line. I think this little dress was just precious and worth much much more than was paid.

Jennifer said...

I totally agree! It was frustrating to go through all that work, spend all that money and to be in the negative in the end. Maybe it might have been my selling technique, who knows! Or now that I think about it I trying when the collapse of the housing bubble burst. Rita I will say if you want to make a couple of little dresses to sell give it a chance, it might just work out for you. Etsy is pretty fair to have a shop at and so is Big Cartel, but do not rule out eBay either.

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