Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Quilting frustrations!

Faded Color Wheel

I got so frustrated on a quilt that I am quilting, that I set it aside and made this faded color wheel. 
The material was left overs from my Tea Time for You & Me tea party set that I made for Moda's Bake Shop.
If you like the material of the color wheel you can find it in the sale section of the Fat Quarter Shop, its California Girls by Fig Tree for Moda.

And this lovely is the quilt that has me frustrated. 

Not going so well

I heard on a popular pod cast one day: so as long as you have your quilt basted right, it does not matter where you start quilting it.

I guess I kind of beg the differ on this one.

Between the weight of this quilt and the thread snapping every two inches is just driving me crazy.
Someone did ask me if it were the tension of my machine and sorry to say that no it is not cause my machine auto adjust as I go along.
Not to mention the material is full of glitter and it is driving my machine nuts.

I eventually pulled out all the pretty stitching that I had on it, and I am going to start over with straight line stitching just to get the blessed quilt done.

As for the thread I come to the conclusion of using Gutterman for piecing and then use Aurifil for quilting. 
My Gutterman keeps snapping and fraying while I am quilting, and I have heard from others of this commonly happens and many others use the same method in thread change up, I am actually looking forward to doing the same.

On other fronts, I changed my blog header (thanks to PicMonkey) for the Halloween season!

gh Halloween banner

I love it and it was so much fun to put together!

Bake Shop project
Mario QAL quilt
Hexey MF QAL quilt
Carnival quilt needs quilted

Linking up to Lee's today!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Hope to see ya there!



Amy said...

I love your dresden wheel. so sorry to hear about the other quilt giving you grief. I have had some that done to me...

Anonymous said...

did you try a new needle? sometimes that will shred it if it is worn. I disagree with the podcast too...I think you need to go center out or edge to edge. Nobody is a perfect baster so I guess in an ideal world going willy nilly would work, but this is the real world.

Shannon Ownby said...

LOVE the color wheel!
I usually quilt with aurifil too. Does your bobbin case tension auto correct too? One thing I learned the hard way: the bobbin being too tight can cause your top thread to break-as crazy as that sounds-and I speak from experience on that one!
Good luck with your requilting! Your fabric choices are wonderful!

Debbie said...

Sweet little quilt and Picmonkey - isn't it fun?! Thanks for linking up to wip Wednesday this week, where I've had the pleasure of guest-hosting!

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