Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIP Wednesday: It Did Not Beat Me!

mom's quilt

Instead I beat it!
This was the quilt that was giving me such heck to be quilted!
It took three Nicholas Sparks books to get the quilting done to say the least.
Well, considering that there was a lot of seam ripping in between it all, yeah three books went fast.

mom's quilt

Even though my original notion was to quilt it in loops.
I had to stop and do what Angela Walters always says when she starts quilting a quilt:  Let the quilt do the talking to how it wants to be quilted and go from there.

Well, as you can see despite my efforts of wanting it to be done in loops, the quilt wanted to be done in straight lines instead.

After all the frustration I settled and tell ya the truth I like it.


I had to wait to see if my mom approved of what I ended up doing to this quilt since it is her quilt.
Gladly she approved and was thrilled that it was done!

Then it took watching Steal Magnolias, Caption America, and Iron Man 2 to get the binding done.

The backing is done up simply with excess leftovers and it almost looks like it could be one piece but it is not.

It is actually pieced together.

I also know that the saying goes: All that glitters is gold!

All that glitters

Not in this case.
I had everything covered in glitter and my machine really complained.
Although the glitter does give the quilt a nice touch.

Here is the over all effect of this quilt.

mom's quilt

*Note: My mom pieced this quilt and I just quilted and bound it for her.
This quilt will be given to my youngest niece for Christmas.

On the nonquilty side of life I have been in a baking mood lately and yesterday I tackled it too!

Cookie Time!

As you can see cookies have been on the brain and the best cookbook that I own for the job is Pillsbury's Best Cookies Cookbook.

Best Cookie Cook book

It is one of those books that have all the classics and expands into the traditional holiday cookies too!

So love this book!

Oh, I know I was asked back in April to post a cookie recipe when my mom made white chocolate macadamia nut cookies into freezer cookies for my husband's birthday.

Well, I am not going to get the recipe up on my blog but you can find it in this book.
There is a whole chapter on freezer/refrigerator cookies. 

What I did end up making are my family's favorites: Oatmeal cranberry chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and the standard chocolate chip cookie

Yummo cookies!

I tend to make our cookies super sized or bistro sized.
Well, it saves from making multiple trips into the kitchen and feeling guilty about eating a cookie.
Not to mention ya feel like ya ate a ton too!

Oh, and what a horrible wife and mother I was yesterday too...we had cookies for dinner!

It was funny my husband and daughter both asked if cookies were for dinner.
At first I was like, No!
But I have been so uninspired in the kitchen lately that I changed my mind.
Sure, cookies for dinner!

The crazy thing is no one seemed to mind that we had cookies for dinner.

I am go glad that the other day that I freshened up my iTunes play list.

I could not be more thrilled that a band that I loved in high school and collage is finally back together and making music again.

I so can not get either of their new songs out of my mind: Settle Down and Push and Shove.
Both songs are so much fun and its the same sound they had when No Doubt first started out. cool!

I love their crazy rock/rasta sound!

Lastly I am trying to figure out on what to do or better yet use a design for these scrap triangles.

Maybe next project
I thought about making the formation quilt from Denyse Schmidt's book Denyse Schmidt Quilts but I am not so sure.

I know I pulled the book for referring to how the triangles to be sewn together but past that I am not sure where or what to do.

Guess I'll see what is speaks to me and then I will know from there.

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Hope to see ya there!



Mandy said...

Wow that looks terrific! You must be so pleased even after fighting with it. I love the pattern of the quilt top! & then the quilting looks amazing! Love the lines! I really must try this sometime! Well done! What an effort!

Jennifer said...

Thank you Mandy!

I am pleased and glad that this one is out of the way. I am also pleased that my mom loved it and was thrilled that it was done. I will tell you that quilting this quilt this way makes time go by very quickly, cause the quilting is quick and fast to do. Even though I am personally not too crazy about it being quilted this way because of the borders. However, I love seeing it from the back because the quilting reminds me of bead board.

Fabric Warrior (aka Amie) said...

Pretty quilt. Great job!

Jennifer said...

Thank you Amie!

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