Sunday, October 7, 2012

SCS Sunday Post: Red Tag & Autism!

What I took home!

 I am thrilled to say that I got the opportunity to bring home some more DS Quilts prints!

I know that I mentioned that I bought some earlier this past week at a different Jo-Ann's and was going to hit up the other Jo-Ann's this weekend.
Well, as you can see I did just that.
And being the nice person that I am I did not horde them all up.
I just stuck with my half yard standard except for the blue Daisy Chain which was the end of the bolt and I got the standard 50% end off the bolt discount.
Needless to say I ended up with a 1 1/2 yard of fabric for less the sale price of $3.00 a yard.
Nice right?!?!?!

I wanted to cry when I had to leave these nine other prints behind.

Making me cry!

I can only hope they will be there when I go back another time.
Especially the floral print in the middle and the one on top of it too!

I just wanted to point out the fact that there are so many peeps out there that knock going to Jo-Ann's to shop but not me.
If it were not for this big chain store I would not have the tools or any other necessities that I need to get a project done.
Besides it is also the only craft store I can get my husband into as well!
And yes, I do support my local quilt shop as well.

Speaking of quilts, I finally got the one that was driving me nuts done.
The only thing left to do is clean up the edges and add the binding.
I'll show it off on WIP Wednesday.

Not going so well

I also know that I have had frustrations with my thread breaking while I was quilting.
It was suggested that my needle might be causing the problem and although it is a very valid suggestion, it is not the case in this situation.

Thread breakage situation

I have noticed that there have been a lot of weak spots on this spool and another spool that I am using for hand stitching.
Pictured above is what I keep running into.

Looking out the window, it has amazed me that in a few days from when this picture was taken that this tree is fully yellow.
Prior to the full change it decided to go hombre (silent "h").

Hombre Leaves

For the last few weeks I have listened to three Nicholas Spark's books while I sew and I should have done the same for this one too.

But I was stubborn.

The book Carly's Voice

Carly's Voice

The book is about a teenage girl who is autistic and from the help of her parents she has broken through the barriers that we as normal people can understand why autistic people do the things that they do.

So why is this book so important to me?

Well, when I married my husband I not only took him into my life but I also took on his two kids as well and his youngest (my stepson) is an autistic.

And when this video aired in February of 2009, I could not have been more joyful to see it.

Thanks to Carly and her parents for stepping forward to show the world what Carly can do so that I can understand my stepson and why he does the things that he does.

Even though my stepson is considered mild with this autism it can be as what Carly's dad answers a awful to deal with when he was asked what it was like to deal with Carly's earlier years.
I will let ya know that its no joke, it is awful and heart wrenching to deal with.
I will say that if you do not get a child with autism moving in the right direction as soon as you find out their prognosis; you will have hell in a hand basket.
I will also say since my stepson has been in a program at his school he has been easier to deal with.
But the one thing you can not do is feel sorry for the kid or yourself as a parent because neither one of you asked to deal with autism.
Unfortunately that is what my husband and his ex-wife did.
It took the school my stepson attends to get him going in the right direction and the advice my parents gave me: Treat him like a normal kid and when he is having one of his moments ya just got to calmly bring him back and ask if everything is okay.

What worries me with my stepson is everything is going fine as fine gets however, what happens after he graduates school?

I know in the end of it all he will eventually be put into a group home but no one is planning for his future past the group home thing.

Sad right?!?!?!?

Anyway for those of you who are interested in Carly's full story or want to keep up with Carly, you can follow Carly at Carly's CafeCarly's VoiceCarly on Facebook, and Carly on Twitter.

Other events:

No CC meet this weekend so I took my daughter out shopping.
That's why I had to leave all those wonderful DS Quilts prints behind!

No worries I rather spoil my daughter instead!

Furry kids are going stir crazy now that they can not sit with the window open.
Wow, I wonder who loves summer the most in this house?
Well, at least they have rediscovered the toys that they forgot about over the summer.

lol...Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!


SCS Sunday Post 2


Starrie said...


I just wanted to say that this post is amazing. I work with autistic people in a home/work environment. I think that autistic people can have a life and hold down jobs and be supported to have full lives. I know a lot of my clients do. I also believe that a secure home life and parents that believe in and support their children to grow and be independent as possible is a very important thing :]

Keep going, Im sure you guys are doing a great job :]

starrie x

Jennifer said...

Thank you Starrie! I also wanted to say thank you for choosing a career that helps others to become more independent. I wish that I could say that my stepson comes from a strong stable background at home but he does not. He does want to blossom and do the same things as other kids. He does try in his own way of reaching out to others but as you well know its very limited on topics subjects. He does talk, and I am so happy to announce that after six years of constantly saying: Good Morning to him on the weekends that we have him, he now beats me to the punch line and says; Good Morning Jen!

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