Sunday, October 28, 2012

Its Halloween Time Over at Moda Bake Shop Today!


Hi Everyone! Just wanted to let ya'll know that my H-A-LL-O-W-EE-N Spells Halloween Tutorial is on Moda Bake Shop today. So go a head on over there to see what it is all about.



Chris Porter said...

This is really cute Jennifer! I'll have to do this when I get home.

Jennifer said...

Thanks you Chris! Hope your new little gandbaby is doing wonderful and you are having a great time down there! Take care coming back home!

TJ said...

This is really cute, but could you please check the link at the Moda Bake Shop. It is not a working link to the patterns to download at United Notions. Thank you.

Beth said...

That is awesome Jennifer! Great idea!

Jennifer said...

Hi TJ!

Sorry about the inconvenience of the link. I did check at midnight and got nothing too! Sadly I have no control on this end for the PDF link. I am hoping that once every one gets settled in from the Quilt Market hype from this weekend the link will be fixed. Again sorry about the inconvenience. Oh, and thank you!!!! lol! I am really you like it!

Jennifer said...

Thank you Beth!

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