Monday, October 1, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day September 2012

September 2012 collage

Its been a busy but quiet September!

I have been more active keeping up with my daughter than anything else this month.
And I have a gut feeling now that she is allowed to play school sports we are going to keep on being busy!

Anyway sewing/quilting progress:

The Main Featured Photo

White Stars Quilt designed by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts.
The pattern is from her new book Skip the Borders.
Also the quilt became a favorite of mine (even after the argument over colors with my husband) but I set out to make it for my brother in law's step son JR who is due for spinal surgery with in the month.
To know more about JR's battle story with leukemia go *here!*

Top Right Photo

Cathedral Window Pin Cushion found on Riley Blake Cutting Corners Collage.
Pattern can be found *here!*

* Correction: the pin cushion was done in August! My bad!

Bottom Right Photo  

I am getting a quilt quilted for my mom.
She made this quilt when my youngest niece was 7 or 8 and it has been sitting in my mom's closet ever since.
It is giving me a hard time but I think my machine hates the material.
I believe it is because of all the glitter that is on the material and my machine is having a fit with it!

Second Bottom Left Photo

Is my progress to date with my Hexey MF QAL.
I have been pretty slow at it and to say the least I kind of lost interest all because summer is over and I now have more time to myself to get going on other stuff.

Bottom Left Photo 

Is my up coming Moda Bake shop project that I finished this past month too!
It's debut day is October 28, 2012 which is a lot later than I thought it would be but I am okay with it!

Fabric fronts:

Yesterday I went out with my mom and we ended up at JoAnn's where I had no intentions of buying anything.
Well, we all know how that goes!

Anyway I walked out with these DS Quilts prints.

DS Quilts Fabric

I picked up a half yard each cause they were all in the clearance section and I know that I could have waited for this weekends sale, but all three JoAnn's are 40 minutes away from my home.

So this weekend I will probably hit up one of the other JoAnn's to see what they have in the DS Quilts prints.

 Anyway I am linking up at Lily's Quilts!

Lily's Quilts

Thank you for stopping by!



Kristan said...

Beautiful white star quilt! I bought some of those same DS prints from the clearance section. Going back this weekend for more. :)

MM Quilts and Embroidery said...

Your projects look great and I definitely love your start quilt. It is just gorgeous! I am kind of bummed because our Joann's doesn't carry that much DS prints because the ones that you picked out are really cute.

Beth said...

That pincushion is adorable. I'm excited to see your next bake shop project.

Heidi Staples said...

That star quilt is stunning! I love the Denyse Schmidt bundle you picked up too...what a great quilt that will make!

Kelly said...

Your star quilt is just beautiful!

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