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Blogger's Quilt Festival - Fall 2012

Amy's Creative Side

Is finally here!

And I am so excited because after nearly two years I finally have something to enter!

White Stars Quilt

My very first entry will be or is the White Stars quilt that I made for JR, my brother in law's son. JR had suffered from leukemia no sorry its Ewings-Sarcoma since the age of seven. Anyway JR has been cancer free for five years now however, the cancer has eaten at his spine so bad that he is need of spinal surgery, which will take place between now and the beginning of November.

I do apologize to my readers for bringing this story back up again and I also apologize to all of you that my husband's side of the family can not get their story(s) straight! It proves to show that when your not a close family the communication lacks badly!

Back to the quilt!

When it came to this quilt it was after hearing the news that JR was at the time in the hospital and the over whelming feeling to make a quilt for him came out of no where. I felt really compelled that JR should have something that he could take with him to keep the hospital. Regardless if JR used it or either of his siblings or his parents used it while at the hospital. It would be something that came from home.

White Stars

Once I established what quilt I was going to make for JR, it was then the question of what colors and prints to use. I personally had Davis Butler's (aka: Parson Gray) Curious Nature picked out for this quilt and then my husband protested against it.

Hubby: Those prints and colors are so depressing!
Me: But they are perfect for a 15 year old boy!
Hubby: You would not want to wake up and look at something that damn depressing in your hospital room would you?
Me: They are not depressing! They are perfect for a boy his age!
Hubby: Yes, they are depressing!!!!!

A moment passes with each of us glaring at each other...

Hubby: They still remind me of a depressing sterile hospital, do you have any solids or anything bright like the colors of outside?
Me: Ah you're suggesting outside colors! I can not believe this coming from you... mister I hate the outdoors! Me: Yes, I do have those colors but it will look very girly or little kiddish!
Hubby: So!
Me: (Again).... JR is a 15 year old BOY!!!!!

More time passes and more glaring happened, but eventually we settled.

 I figured since this is for my husband's side of the family, my husband can pick out the prints or solids of his choosing. Oh, don't get me wrong I do not dislike this quilt. I actually love it and wanted to keep it for our own home. Over all I was truly worried that it was too girly or way too childish. I was consoled by every one who saw it before it was sent out kept saying to me that it would be fine for JR and that he would like it.

White Stars Quilt

Okay maybe I might have been a bit critical to myself and to my husband over the whole situation. In the end   I was told JR loved the quilt and it was well received! Phew, I was so relieved!!!!! Hearing the good news took away all the anxieties I was feeling. 

 I know you're probably wondering what all the big fuss was all about?

 I rarely give my quilts away and I rarely make quilts for others. The reason being is because I am surrounded by some folks that feel just because I can sew, that I should be at their beck and call to make anything for them at anytime. Sorry all, trying not to be so cynical over it all. That whole situation just burns me a bit, and  its just my way of standing up to those folks! I am sure it probably happens to a lot of you out there too! 

One last really good positive tid bit about this quilt is when I had finished or nearly finished I posted a picture to Julie Herman's Jaybird Quilts Flickr group. Julie commented that it was the first quilt that anyone had made from her book. Eeeek...I was a bit shocked and thrilled at the same time to hear that! Considering that her book was just released in August! I am honored that Julie had commented about it being the first.

Here is to a big smile all around and glad to finally attending the Blogger's Quilt Festival for the first time! I wish everyone the best of luck and can not wait to see what every one has in store to show off.

Thank you for stopping by and reading that crazy story!


Quilt Stats for Bloggers Quilt Festival Fall 2012 :

Quilt Size: 48 1/2" x 64 1/2"
Name/Pattern : White Stars - Created from Julie Herman's new book Skip the Borders
Pieced by: Jennifer Overstreet
Quilted by: Jennifer Overstreet
Materials used: Kona Solids by Robert Kaufman Fabrics and Bella Solids by Moda Fabrics. Prints that were used in this quilt are from Tula Pink's Prince Charming line and Parisville line. Both of Tula Pink's lines that are in this quilt are produced by Free Spirit Fabrics.
Best Category: Throw Quilt, Home Machine Quilting, and Quilt Photography.


Susan Standen said...

Lovely to hear the background about this quilt as well as admire it for being gorgeous.

Alicia said...

Beautiful quilt! Love the pattern! I am fond of quilts that use "negative space" well.

Jennifer said...

Thank you Susan for your lovely comment! I know as much as I fought my husband on this quilt, I do love it!

Jennifer said...

Thank you Alicia! I know what you mean on the good used of negative space. I will recommend if you ever get the chance to check out Julie's book. She has a few more quilts in there that has good use of negative space.

Marie said...

I LOVE star quilts but I don't think that I've seen on quite this graphic - great idea to make the stars white. It turned out just beautifully and I suspect there was a very happy recipient.

CitricSugar said...

It's really beautiful! It doesn't look girly. :-)

Jennifer said...

Thank you Marie for your comment! I too love star quilts, maybe more than I realize! And yes, the recipient was was happy to have it.

Jennifer said...

Why thank you! I was definitely stressing that the Tula Pink prints would make it girly!

Sunshine Girl said...

I think its great for a 15 year old - glad he likes it too. Thanks for sharing. #263

Pomegranate Quilts said...

I love this. I am going to make one. It is totally inspiring me.
Great job!

Jennifer said...

Thank you!

Jennifer said...

Thank you! Not to mention that I am glad that it has inspired you to make one!

Hitch and Thread said...

I think it's great. Being 15 will not stop him From feeling small and scared in hospital. A lovely thought to give him something warm and comforting.

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

I still love the quilt just as much as when I saw the first photo on flickr... and now reading the story of why you made it makes me love it even more. Cancer & Leukemia change you and your family and while quilts don't cure... they do COMFORT! Great Job!!

Jennifer said...

I totally agree! I really do not like being a patient in a hospital either so anything from home and just something of comfort is the best path to feeling better.

Jennifer said...

Thank you Julie!

I may have given my husband a bit of hell over it for his color choices. LoL... don't mind us, we are the old bickering couple but we love each other and that's what makes us work! So hats off to my hubby on this one! I do love this quilt too and I am so glad you love it!!!

Annie said...

Love the quilt! And I very much understand how people think you'll sew for them just because you know how. They have no idea the time, energy, and money it takes to make a quilt! They think you can make a quilt tomorrow at the cost of what they can buy one for in Walmart—about $39.99 for a king-sized quilt.

Jennifer said...

Cheers to ya Annie! You are right on the nose with that one! I had to educate my husband's uncle on why the quilt he saw and wanted in Amish country was $1000.00. At the end of our conversation dear uncle realized that yeah, that quilt was worth the $1000.00 that they were asking.

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