Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday: White Star Edition

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Just out of the blue a notion to make a fast and easy quilt for my brother in law's step son.

So I turned to all the books I had on hand and finally decided to make the White Stars quilt from Julie Herman's new book Skip the Borders.

Skip the Borders

But why such a rash decision at the last minute to make a quilt?

Well, the my brother in law's step son suffers from leukemia and he has be through hell and back ever since I met him at eight years old.

Now he is 15 and faces one of the worst turns he has ever had.

The problem is that his body is still growing but the caner has eaten away at his spine so much that if they do not operate soon he will be paralyzed for life.

As of now he is in UH's (University Hospital) Rainbow Children's & Babies Hospital in Cleveland, where he has a halo around his head and is being stretched by weights while the halo stables his head to keep his body straight. 

Hope that makes any sense?!?!

Everything is starting to go good in the situation but the only down side is that the goal for the weight balance that he needed to reach could not be met and the surgical team here in Cleveland can not operate because they do not have the means to attempt risking the surgery.

With that said there is a specialist in Kansas City who specializes in these type of surgeries and is will to take the risk.

The surgery is set for the 27th or 29th of this month.  

This had become shocking news to us because the last time we saw the him, he was literally walking with little assistance from his crutches.

Where is the progress on this quilt?

Well, it is all cut out and ready to be pieced!
And hopefully I will have it quilted by Friday.

I will write more about it when I am done.
But the decision to make such a quilt in a rush is because I know the kid has been in and out of hospitals and I thought that it would be nice to have something of homemade comfort for after the surgery.

As for other WIPS:

Carnival quilt needs quilted.
Niece's quilt needs to be quilted
Finish writing tutorial for MBS
Soon start another MBS project.
Maybe some day finish the other Carnival quilt
Slowly progressing on the Hexey MF QAL
Super Mario Brothers QAL on hold but all the blocks are pressed and need to be sewn together.

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Kelli said...

Bless his heart, that is so sad! I think making a special quilt just for him is such a great idea! Hope you're nearing up on finishing it. Good luck to him and all of you rooting for him!

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