Sunday, September 2, 2012

We so Loved you Kolby!


I am sad to announce that we lost Kolby late this morning!

I was in the middle of getting a post together when my daughter brought Kolby to me and something happened to her.

My daughter and her friend saw Leah knock her around and from there she went into an asthma attack.

Her leg was dislocated and she started to hyperventilate to the extreme.
We all tried to calm her down but when we finally did it was too late.

Kolby went into cardiac arrest and passed while I was holding her.  

We will miss our little cuddle bug!

Rest in peace little Kolby!


brandy said...

oh, i'm so sorry. she looks a lot like a kitten we just rescued :( rip kolby

Jennifer said...

Thank you Brandy. It was a tough day yesterday and we kept expecting to see here come and go about the house. Well, I guess I should have waited a little longer to bring her up from the safe room.

I do wish you the best of luck with your little rescue!

Anne said...

Hugs!! So very sorry for the loss of your sweet kitty baby.

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