Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The My Style Giveaway Sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop!

Thank you for stopping by but this giveaway is forever closed!

Today's giveaway is about style and what better sponsor to host a My Style giveaway than the Fat Quarter Shop.

Of all the online fabric/quilting retailers the Fat Quart Shop caters to every quilter and sewer out there!

I have to say having this kind of shop around is a bonus when it comes to my mom and I, because we both have different styles in almost everything including quilting.

Which is why I love the endless possibilities at their shop, and I have to say that is what I love about them!
Not to mention I love their friendly service and fast shipping too!

Oh, before we go into the whole My Style Giveaway I wanted to give a big shout out...


 to Kimberly and the Sew Emma Designers for the release their new book:

Simply Fat Quarters will be on book shelves and in the Fat Quarter Shop within a blink of an eye!

Here is what the book has to offer:

   It's Sew Emma is proud to introduce their first book! Simply Fat Quarters includes 10 fat quarter quilts that can be made in four sizes! With a variety of styles and genres, there is something for everyone. This book is perfect for quilters of all skill levels! 

The good news is that it is $19.95 and if you reserve it through the Fat Quarter Shop, you can get it for $14.50 while the offer is still available!

Now for the My Style Giveaway!

I don't know about all of you out there but I find my self saying a lot lately : "That's not my style!" "This is more my style!" when it come to my quilting and I get the funniest looks around.

I know that my quilting style has changed since I first started quilting.
Everyone around me either favors Lynette Jennings of Thimleberries or Darlene Zimmerman with her 1930's reproductions.
And I too liked them at first (I still respect them) but my how my style has changed thanks to the online community!

I find myself respecting the ladies of Gees Bend, and find modern quilting a blast to do.
I look to Denyse Schmidt for inspiration as much as I do with so many others like Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts, and Heather Jones of Olive and Ollie just to name a few.

I also find that my style in my personal life either stays the same or keeps evolving as well!

My style is very eclectic in the fact that I love different and various things.
I love old and new, along with traditional and modern.

In a lot of ways it may seem from the outside I have a lot of complexity issues but I don't, I am just a complex person at times!

 I will say that my hair style changes cause I want to try something different.
But usually I stick with this one and put some temporary purple coloring or whatever color in it to liven it up. 

Source: bing.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

But somethings don't change cause to me they are classics.
Like a good Dior suit!

Or a classic roadster that I would not mind to take a spin in.
Though I probably will not ever get a chance too!

But if I could stretch my budget I would still get the car I have loved since I was a teenager!
A Ford Mustang Boss!

I have also changed in the fact that I lived for summer as a kid and now lean more towards fall as my favorite season now that I am an adult.

Can't help not loving the colors and the crisp air!

I even think that it would be so cool if my family could throw me a Mad Hatter tea party for my birthday!
Tim Burton style of course!

But the best part of my ever changing style is that its mine and no matter what funny looks I get around here its not going to change what I like.

Even if it is strange and weird!

But since I have a very eclectic style I even happen to love, not to mention that I happen to be a tiny bit green over this one because it's so my style of what the Fat Quarter Shop is giving away!

One Charm pack of:

from Bonnie and Camille
of Moda Fabrics

Here is the best part as the winner you get to choose whether or not you want the 100% cotton charm pack or the flannel charm pack.

So what hoops, leaps, and bounds to you have to go through to try to win this lovely so my style Marmalade Charm pack?

Not much! 

Just leave a comment on this post and only this post telling me what your quilting style is and whether or not is has changed since you first started quilting!

If you can not come up with an answer for a quilting style, you can even mention how your style has changed in your own life!

But do make sure I have a way of contacting you if you are the chosen one!
(lol... Harry Potter reference!)

And yes, it is open to everyone!

Giveaway starts today September 25, 2012 and ends on Sunday September 30, 2012

Thanks a bunch for playing along and good luck!



Teresa Silva said...

My style has definitely changed from traditional to Modern. I love the new modern fabrics and patterns so much. Thanks for the opportunity. Loved your post.

cherylj said...

I am a pretty new quilter but I am drawn to classic with a modern twist clothing, quilt patterns, and furniture

Barbara Woods said...

I jusr started quilting the first of the year so i don;t think i have a style but i love old blocks

Homemaker Honey said...

I'm a traditional quilter, but am open to the modern quilting trend. I just haven't tried any of it yet. Though, I do have a modern pattern in my stash waiting to be done.

homemakerhoney @gmail. com

Fabric Warrior (aka Amie) said...

I still consider myself a new quilter (been quilting since 2010) and at first I was drawn to a lot of the cutesy and pink (mainly because I was making quilts for my nieces), but now I am into blues, purples, and greens. And I have a new found love of solids.

If I was rich, I would be dripping in Chanel from head to toe every day. As I am not, I'm happy to wear the perfume! : )

Marjorie Nath said...

40+ years ago (I'm not counting my quilting when I lived at home) when I first started quilting as an adult there was basically only traditional quilting. Now that I have returned to the fold, I'm liking modern, eclectic and really like the wonky blocks which I plan to try soon.
thelady at hotmail dot com

Thank you for the chance to win this great giveaway.

Addibrae said...

I like simpler, more modern quilts.

Gill said...

My style has definitely changed! though I think that's partly due to the great fabrics available now compared to when I started quilting! no more dreary colours and prints for me!

Julianne said...

I've always loved scrappy quilts and have made a ton, but I am loving the new modern quiting patterns and fabric lines....I love Marmalade, thanks for the giveaway!

Ellee said...

My style has changed from following rigid patterns to the freedom of creating my own designs which has led to more productivity and much more enjoyment. soparkaveataoldotcom

Helen said...

I'm very new to quilting. In fact I haven't actually completed one yet (well, I HAVE made a 12" quilt for a swap! Does that count?). I don't think I really have a definite style at this point. I love modern prints, cutesy prints, and old fashioned floral prints too. I guess my style is eclectic!

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