Sunday, September 9, 2012

SCS Sunday Post: Progression

Scrappy action going on!

 Sneak peeks are not bad, right?

I mean if asked I can keep a secret!

But nothing is more annoying than reading post that says: Sorry it's been quiet around here, I've been working on some stuff I can not share.

Okay, totally understand you can not let the cat out of the bag until everything as a complete go.

But it is still annoying!

As I see it why not allow folks in for a little sneak peak, especially if the pattern is going to be free anyway!
Again I understand why the hush hush cause of copyrights and etc.

But why not get a little buzz going for what you are working on?

Anyway as you can see I have progressed my new project from pieces to completion and have moved on to the quilting.

Quilting process

And I have to say that through out the whole entire process of this project, my machine has been such a blessing to work with.
I will have to do a write up about this machine to let ya'll know what I think of it now that I got some time into it.

On the home front here, its been pretty quiet. routine has finally taken shape, husband's job has been pretty stable for now (it's been a roller coaster situation all summer long), I have been blown away on how fast this project of mine has gone together and how much of a joy it as been to work on it.

Daughter ran her best time ever yesterday in just over 21 minutes.

Past times: 25 min, and 23 min.
She has been shaving two minutes off at each meet.

We are so proud of her for improving at CC.
We all know that my daughter succeeds in everything that she does but CC has been a real ego buster for her, but now she is not letting it beat her.

You go girl!

On the furry kid front life is back to the usual!

However, Isabella did walked around the house bummed for the first half of the week and would not even go near Leah.
Izzy would not play or even cuddle next to Leah up until Thursday.
 Reason being is that Isabella treated Kolby as her own kitten.
Well, as much as Kolby would allow her to be a mamma; Isabella did just that.

Anyway the mood in the house has been better and yes, its all ready been a week since the little one passed.

I know I wrote on Wednesday that if it were up to me I would get arid of Leah.
Well, it would not be a trip to the pound or anything inhumane.
I would take her back to my stepdaughter, whose life has since improved from when she left Leah behind at our house: Here you can have your cat back and please keep your psycho kitty!

Oh well!

At least yesterday was a really good day.
A long day but a good day!

My daughter had to be at the school at 6:00 am to leave for the meet, my husband went to a co-worker's wedding in Sandusky, and hung out with a few friends in Cleveland after the wedding.

Sadly the one day I had to myself on a weekend to get sewing done I got a severe migraine headache.
It finally passed after I gave up on quilting my project and started in on some EPP.

Then it was time to pick up my daughter from school and I told her since we had to meet my husband in Sandusky we might as well get some need mall time in and just the two of us hang out together.

It was fun and she made out like a bandit!


SCS Sunday Post 2

Oh, I know I have been very awful about keeping up with this but if you do get a chance check out and say "HI!" to this weeks and past weeks Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop Participants .

Thanks all and have a great Sunday!

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Beth said...

The giveaway this week is that fabric you are using in your pics - at least it looks like the same.

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