Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Nine patches for the dearly departed

dead nine patches

Yep, you read the title correctly!

Nine patches for the dearly departed is a service project that my guild is doing for our local funeral home.

At first it seems creepy to make quilts for the dead but after it was all explained it made perfect sense. 

 The trend for a lot of funeral homes these days display the bodies on a bed instead of a traditional casket.
So to keep the living comfortable they make it look like the person who is deceased is in a home setting with the person covered in everyday bedding and that is where the quilts come in.

Also if the person passed naturally and the body needs to be transported from the hospital or nursing home many funeral homes have found it easier on living if the person who passed away was covered in a quilt instead of a body bag.

Reason being is that people in general tend to shy away from a body bag in transport than if the person were laid out in a quilt cause they look like they are sleeping.

After finding out that this is what some of the funeral homes are doing these days, it got me to thinking that I wish that they had done this with my Nana.
Nothing worse than seeing all the residents in the nursing home that day shudder and shy away at the thought of a body in a body bag as my Nana was being wheeled out. 

I do apologize if the topic is a bit inappropriate, but to me it is just a part of life.
Also I believe that I have a pretty good growing relationship with the man upstairs. and the other fact of why I am not creeped out over it,  is because my grandfather was an undertaker.
As you can imagine of the stories we all heard growing up.

Uh hum...


Its time to say good bye to summer goofing off and time to start cracking down in the design side of things.
I did have fun this summer goofing off until my daughter came back home from her dad's and then I felt guilty every time I got near my sewing.
Not to mention that we had kids just going in and out of the house which also made it impossible to do anything.

But today is the first day of school and even though I had plans to tackle in on my sewing, I feel a bit lost without having a kid around.

Never you mind I will manage!


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Its been a while since I have participated in a WIP Wednesday!

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The Amateur Quilter (Mike Pearson) said...

It doesn't sound creepy to me. I like the idea. And, nine patches are easy and relaxing! Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

That's a great cause and a great start to a pretty quilt. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

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