Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WIP Wed & Fresh Sewing Day August 2012

Organized Mario
There have been a few up and downs in our house hold lately but it not anything we that we can not handle.

Cross Country is in full swing and my daughter and I have hit the point of we're ready for school to start up again.

 To say the least, my daughter is board and I am starting to crave a regular routine.

On the sewing front I am in slow mode.

I have been working on the ....

Cut To Pieces

and I have jumped a head of the game a bit.

I really liked a few other blocks that appeared onto the Flickr group.
I liked these blocks so much that I balled up the nerve to ask permission from the creators.
With full permission each gal said yes!

So thank you: 
    Karen @ The Recipe Bunny and Mareen @ Aquamareen Crafting 

For granting me permission to use your blocks for my Super Mario Brothers QAL.

I am loving these ones so much better cause they are a few of my stepson's favorites!

Not to mention I can get this quilt done a heck of a lot faster too!

Sorry like Animal from the Muppets I have run out of patients on this one.
I will admit its not on purpose I just have a few projects that I have blown off this summer and now it is time to get them rolling.

Oh, for the photo at the very top of the post is how I am keeping my 1 1/2" squares organized.

I am using fold over sandwich bags and labeling them by using scotch tape.
Scotch tape makes it easier to write on so I can tell what color is in the baggies.
Some of the colors blend in a bit until you see them in full light then it is like ...Oh that's not the color I need!

On the flip side I feel like that is all I have been doing lately is cutting, and cutting, and cutting.
I have gone through three rotary blades and four cans of spray starch.

Just kind of wondering when the madness to it all will end?

Anyway I have been keeping tabs on the Olympics at night while slowly basting the Hexey MF QAL that I decided to do too.

I think this time around I am getting more done on this one than just watching tv.

For me watching tv and sewing at the same time does not work but I believe I am getting through this one because everything being shown from the Olympics is all ready previously recorded and they let the cat out of the bag on the nightly news. 


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On the back burner:

Another Carnival quilt that I just can not stomach to do and gave on.
Mom's All purpose caddy
Quilt of Valor quilt
Daughter's Christmas quilt
Both Moda Bake shop projects that I have blown off for the summer.

In Progress:

Super Mario Brothers QAL
Hexey MF QAL


Jennie said...

I'm finding the olympics great for getting some hand sewing done! Visitng from Lily's Quilts

Janice said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't really pay attention to the TV and sew either. It's one or the other. I can;t wait to see your finished Mario Quilt!

Beth said...

I've been trying to avoid the news so that I can be surprised at the results.

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