Sunday, August 5, 2012

SCS Sunday - Super Super Mario!

Goomba and friends

Its been a Super Mario Brother's week here.

I have not done much work behind the machine as I have put into the time at the cutting table.

By the way this is what 2000 plus 1 1/2" squares look like.

2000 plus

Fabric is Kona Ash by Robert Kaufman.

I have 12  more blocks to go and to graph out the interfacing.

Everything is ready other than that.

I would have the other blocks to show off too but my stepson is over for his weekend visitation and the quilt will be his for Christmas.

But I have an inkling that he is well aware of me making this quilt.

Oh, well!

On the personal front:

Um...brought home another furry kid.
This one makes three.

I am kinda regretting it and asking myself what the heck I was thinking?

Well, I guess I saw potential in it.

It kept coming around at my parent's house and would hang out with my sister's four ferrets.
Surprisingly would not bother the ferrets and my thought was: Now that's a good cat!

My mom told me about it and said that its was looking for companionship and that is why it would hang out with the ferrets

It's a kitten and it is about 5 months old.
Not to mentioned way under nourished.
It is literally skin and bones with fur.

Sorry I keep saying "it" cause we are not sure what "it" really is.
My husband (Mr. know-it-all) checked but he was not sure.
I am just going to wait until it has more faith in humans to look under the hood.
We believe that is is a female cause of the coloring.

I believe that it is going to have personality complex issues cause of its coloring.
It looks like a calico but it has a tortoiseshell markings too.

Furry kid #2 is a tortoiseshell and has a ton of personality complexes.
We did not pick out furry kid #2, my stepdaughter did and my stepdaughter could not take care of her anymore so that is how we got her.

Anyway its been a real riot these past couple of days catching furry kid #3 but at least this morning it finally used the litter box!

Yay, kitty is potty training well!
I hope that keeps up!

Whew, we were a bit worried that it would not do that!!

We have had a stressful past couple of weeks as well too.

My husband dodged the layoff bullet for the third time.
Where he works they laid off seventy seven people.
You can not imagine how blessed we feel over dodging the bullet, but I do feel bad for those who did loose their jobs.
I hope that they will be back into the workforce asap.

Lastly, I can not believe I plunked down $80.00 for a pair of running shoes.
But you know what my daughter has proved herself to be serious about being on the cross country team, so it was worth it.


Ps. No link this week.
      The linking party has not taken off here and it is really late to be posting it today.
       Forgive me I was lazy about posting and my stepson really overslept today.
       (computer is in the same room he sleeps in)
       If you are interested in keeping the linking going let me know and I will have it up.
       If I do not get any responses about it, I will leave it off my blog all together.

               Thanks all!


Kimberly Cassie @ Quilty Doodads said...

That's a LOT of squares! Can't wait to see a picture of the new "kid."

Mareenchen said...

Wowzas on the 2000+ background squares! You must've put a LOT of time into cutting them. And Kirby is such a cute cheery bubblegum amongst the others. I've finished my pillow today. :)

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