Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Photo Shoot

Picture 1332

I had a ball yesterday in doing a self photo shoot!
Lets just say that I do not like seeing myself in photos or like having my photo taken ever!
But yesterday's results had me floored!

Picture 1331

I figured it was high tide that I update my self photo considering it has been over a year since my last self photo shoot.

I had to do one of these last year when I got excepted for Moda's Bake shop 

This is my last year's photo that I am talking about.

Play 33

Oh, I look so hard in that photo!

Now that I look at it too, yes, I do see that I have lost some weight as well.
Especially in my face I can see it. 

I ended up experimenting with lighting in our dungeon of a basement.

The results turned out amazing!

Here are two sets of photos of one picture.
My camera can zoom in on the all ready taken photo to capture a better or close up photo

Picture 1334

Picture 1333

Now lets be honest here.
My close up photos are awesome!
But I carry all my weight in the lower half of my body and in my upper arms.
The last time I weighed myself was in February 2011 at the West Side Market in Cleveland.
I am embarrassed to say that I need to still drop 65 pounds.
I am also embarrassed to say that with all good intentions of getting it off has not happen as far as working out .
I have a few things to blame but I should also blame myself too.

Anyway I have a very curvy 5' frame and when I was skinny I was super cute but I did not know it at the time!

So here I am in an almost full shot. 

Picture 1335

Then I kept zooming in on the all ready taken photo on my camera.


Picture 1342

Picture 1341

Picture 1336

If you are wondering what I am looking at?

Nothing really but the top of the stairs!

Oh, look who came out of hiding to see what I was doing.

Yep, the new furry kid!

Picture 1337

I want to say that it is 99% that I am pretty sure of that new furry kid is a boy!
I know calico males are rare!

So my daughter and I have been throwing names around.
We have narrowed it down to: Jack, George, or Colby.

What we know about the little one so far is that he loves neck cuddling and belly rubs.
Here he is in my daughter's lap getting a belly rub and loving it!

Picture 1339

Picture 1338

What a good day yesterday was!
Got a great photo shoot and have progressed with the new furry kid.

Oh, if you are wondering about the photos.
They are 100% raw.
Yep, that is right no photo editing needed.
Well, excepting zooming in on the photo that is all.
The rest of it was relied on 100% natural lighting, my simple Nikon Coolpix S6000, which has a 10 second count down for self photo taking, and one last thing my trusty camera stand too.

With out all of that I would have not ever gotten these amazing photos taken.

Now the only question is which one to put up on the blog?


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Beth said...

Okay - first of all, love the purple hair! And second, it is so fun to see a pic of you!

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