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Interlocking Tiles Table Runner Tutorial

interlocking tiles.1

    Size 21" x 13.5"

 Please read all direction before any other process!
All seams are 1/4" unless noted other wise.

Materials needed:

(3)  fat quarters Orange, Blue, and  Pink for the interlocking tiles (solid or print)
(1)   yard of white: For color filler, borders, and backing
(1)  1/2 yard for binding

Tools Needed:

A Ruler or the HST rulers from Omnigrip
A marking utensil


Fat quarters

  • From each fat quarter cut 2 1/2" x wof. Start with (2) strips of fabric. Add more if needed.
  • Then cut the 2 1/2" x wof strips into 2 1/2" squares
  • You will need (9) 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" squares from each fat quarter. A total of (27) squares. 
  • Set squares aside.
                 From the white yardage

For Half Square Triangles (HST's)
  • Cut (3) Strips of 2 1/2" x wof. Add more if needed.
  • Then cut the 2 1/2" x wof strips into 2 1/2" squares.
  • You will need (27) 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" squares
  • Set squares aside
Filler Blocks
  • Cut (1) 2" x wof. Add (1) more strip if needed.
  • Then cut the 2" x wof strips into 2" squares
  • You will need a total of (20) 2" x 2" squares
  • Set squares aside
  • Cut (3) 2" x wof
  • Cut one of the 2" x wof on the fold of the material.
  • Set strips aside 

How to make HST's

Making an HST

  1. Have a ruler (in this case the HST Omnigrip Ruler) and a marking utensil ready.
  2. Take (1) (solid or print) 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" square and (1) white 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" square. Place them right side together.
  3. Take the Omnigrip HST Ruler on the white side and place it from corner to corner.
  4. Then use your marking utensil to trace both sides of the Omnigrip HST Ruler.
  5. Remove the ruler. Then line the center of the ruler on one of the marks. Make sure your ruler is still going from point to point on your squares. Make a mark down the center of your square.
  6. You should have three marks in the middle of your square.
  7. Just a close up of the marks and square.
  8. Take your squares, still right sides together and sew on one of the outer lines.
  9. Then sew on the outer line on the opposite side.
  10. Take your scissors and cut on the middle line
  11. Just shows what you should have after cutting down the middle.
  12. Press open HST
  13. In the end you will have (2) HST's from one square . Be sure to remember to square up and clip off the dog ears of your HST's for a cleaner square!

* If directions are too confusing refer to the photo below.

Inerlocking tiles

There will be 12 rows containing 6 squares in each row.
Directions will be divided into left and right by the grid of the pattern. 
Best to lay out the table runner before sewing it all together.

In row order starting from the orange:
  1. (4) 2" white squares, (2) orange HST's: white, white orange left down, orange right down, white, and white.
  2. (2) 2" white squares, (4) orange HST's: white, orange left down, orange left up, orange right up, orange right down, and white.
  3. (2) 2" white squares, (4) orange HST's: orange left down, orange left up, white, white, orange right up and orange right down.
  4. (4) orange HST's, (2) blue HST's: orange left up, orange left down, blue left down, blue right down, orange right down, and orange right up.
  5. (2) 2" white squares, (2) orange HST's, (2) blue HST's: white, orange left up, orange left down, blue right up, blue right down, and white.
  6. (2) orange HST's, (4) blue HST's: blue left down, blue left up, orange left up, orange right up, blue right up and blue right down.
  7. (4) blue HST's, (2) Pink HST's: blue left up, blue left down, pink left down, pink right down, blue right down, and blue right up.
  8. (2) 2" white squares, (2) blue HST's, (2) Pink HST's: white, blue left up blue left down, pink right up, pink right down, and white.
  9. (2) blue HST's, (4) pink HST's: pink left down, pink left up, blue left up, blue right up, pink right up, and pink right down.
  10. (2) 2"white squares, (4) pink HST's: pink left up, pink left down, white, white, pink right down, and pink right up.
  11. (2) 2" white squares, (4) pink HST's: white, pink left up, pink left down, pink right down, pink right up, and white.
  12. (4) 2" white squares, (2) pink HST's: white, white, pink left up, pink right up, white and white.
  • Once all your squares are sewn together in rows, press the seams.
  • Best to press seams for each row in opposite direction prior to the first row. Press one row to the left, then the next row to the right and repeat the process. This will allow your seams to inter lock when you pin them together prior to sewing them.
  • Start sewing the rows together in the same order of the color order that you started with. Remember right sides together prior to stitching. 
  • Once all the rows are sewn together press the seams to lay flat.
  • Square up the table runner if needed
Adding the borders:
  • Take the (2) 2" x wof strips that you cut on the fold and sew them to the width (the shorter ends) of the table runner. 
  • Square up the excess and press the seams.
  • Take the (2) 2" x wof strips and sew them to the length (longer ends) of the table runner.
  • Square up the excess and press.
Finishing it all up:
  • Take your backing, batting and table runner top, bast together and quilt to your desire.
  • Once finished quilting add the binding.
  • Finished size should run about 21"x 13.5"


Beth said...

Great tutorial (and great getting to know you post!) I love this runner - it so cool how they look they are arm in arm. I'm excited to try this! Thanks Jennifer!

Jane B said...

Just found your runner, love it!! Did you do a tutorial for a larger size? This would make a lovely quilt!!

Jennifer said...

Thank you! No, I have not made a larger size for this pattern, but it would not be a bad idea though. What size are you looking for?

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