Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bragging Rights or Show & Tell

Cronicals of SewingQuilting Part 1
Cronicals of SewingQuilting Part 2

I realized that in my blog hop post that my brain made my fingers to ramble across the keyboard that I forgot to show off what projects I have done.

To me it did not seem like I did a lot but now that I see it all...WOW!

Its kind of cool to see how much I have grown over the past few years.

Just a note: The large bright twister quilt I only added the border, pieced the back and quilted it.
                  My mom pieced the Twister.



Beth said...

Lots of great projects in there! Are those fabric refrigerator magnets?

Chris Porter said...

All really great projects! What's the round one in the upper right of the first set of photos? Looks like a boppy, I just made a new cover for my daughter's boppy pillow for the new baby.

Jennifer said...

It's an over sized floor pillow that I made for the kids and then the furry kids took them over. It is a Simplicity pattern with their Simplicity Teen pattern line.

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