Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday Winter Carnival Edition

Winter Carnival Quilt

I had this quilt all cut out and ready to go back in November or December of 2011.

Its been sitting in a zip lock bag all ready to go for when I actually got around to it.
I have another one of the same quilt in waiting too.
In different colors though!

Anyway who... I finally got it all together with in a couple of days.

 Now it is ready to be basted, quilted and to be binded.

I do like how this quilt turned out but I really learned why color value is so important.

I don't know about all of you but I really do not see the pinwheels all that much.

I keep seeing teeth in each block.
I have to force myself to see the pinwheels.

Oh, just an FYI: I added extra pinwheels to this quilt.
The actual pattern is much smaller and more of a baby's quilt than a lap quilt.
I extended it to make it more of a lap quilt.

I also have to laugh this was the first time that I actually utilized the design board/wall that my mom passed onto me.

You really do need something like this for this quilt.
But there is no requirement for you have to have one if you do not have a design board/wall.
 However, it does beat laying it out on the floor.

As for pattern toughness, its not that bad.

To me its a lot of technical techniques that goes into making this quilt.

It is defiantly a quilt pattern that makes you constantly checking your work.
It is a bit time consuming.
So if you are thinking that it will be a quick quilt to whip up in a few days, its not.
There are a lot of techniques to be done to get the final results.

In the end the results are very nice and very fun!

One last thing in between the assembling process of this quilt I do check up on the furry kids.

I caught them or at least Isabella being the most characteristic.

  1. Isabella that window divider can not be that comfortable to lay down on.
  2. Sorry Isabella that the fan is blocking the view of the backyard. I know how annoying that can be. But alt least she was trying to see though the fan.


Well that is all for this week! 
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The Thompsons said...

Beautiful quilt! I love the blue! So glad you pulled it back out of the bag. :)

Needle little Balance said...

Your quilt is beautiful and blue is always a great choice imho. The pattern is very intersting. On the picture on the top right I see all the flowers or pinwheels while I see white hourglasses in the other pics. Great!

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