Friday, July 13, 2012

Traveling in hexey style

Hexy MF Stage one

The other day a little trip to Pennsylvania became a must.

And I realized that I was going to be sitting in a car for eight plus hours.

What's a gal like me going to do?

I'm really not big on reading, video games tend to bore me if I really can not get any where and then the handled dies.



Ah yes, English Paper Piecing!

Rewind time for a bit...

I had won this fat quarter bundle from Talking Tuesdays that is held on well, every Tuesday night on Twitter in May.
It is a great way to get anything sewing related answered and of course the fabulous host Cara from Cara Quilts dishes out some questions to get the conversation rolling.
Veranda FQ

Did I mention that these chats are sponsored by some really great people!
The Fat Quarter Shop was sponsoring the night I won this bundle.

I had been chatting for over a year (on and off of course) and not ever won anything and was very surprised when my name was picked.

I'll be honest I did not even stop to read what was being given away that night either.
So when I won I was (in a low curious voice) like: What did I just win?!?!?!?
I then looked it up and started praying that I would be sent the green bundle and not the pink!
Then I took in consideration that beggars can not be choosy when you are getting something for free!

My package arrived a few days later and I was stoked that I got the green one!
But now what I am going to do with this bundle?
It really was not my style.
It's pretty and I do like/appreciate it.
But it is still not my style.
So I put it away for that some day special project.

Fast foreword to the Forth of July week. 

Big sales are going on and I really do not want to miss out!

Especially when I have a couple of mini charm packs lying around that I do not know what to do with I figured it would be the best time to invest in some hexagons.

 That week's Talking Tuesday I had a question to ask: What size EPP hexagons should I buy for the mini charm packs? 
             Answer(s): 1" to 1 1/2" hexagons!

Then few days later I came across Katy Jones' blog post about the blog post she had posted on Fat Quarterly about another quilt along this time being her Hexey MF quilt.

FYI: I have loved this quilt of hers ever since she posted about it last year.

Oh, Katy is apparently looking for another name for her quilt.
Out of tongue and cheek she named the quilt after the Prince song "Sexy MF" and I think ya'll can get the drift of what MF stands for.

Anyway the Hexey MF quilt also requires 1 1/2" Hexagons too.
Ah, yes, that's so perfect!!!!
So I put in my order to

Presto, by surprise my package arrives in a few days!

I open it up and to be thrilled to have all those hexagons.
 Then I pulled out the first hexagon and was a bit surprised on how large they were.
So I immanently went over to my cabinet and pulled out the mini charm packs that I had no idea what to do with them, and compared them to the hexagon.   


They are too big for the mini charm packs!
Note: I would suggest 1/2" hexagons or smaller for mini charm packs.

Bummed and burned a bit until I realized that I had also bought them for the Hexey MF quilt too.
But then I got a little bit more bummed because I did not have the fabric to go with the HMF QAL.

Then I remembered the fat quarter bundle I won.
Ah, yes, perfect!

Well, not quite so perfect cause I am seven fat quarters short of what I need to make the correct size of the quilt's size requirement.
But I really do not think it would be a crime to have a smaller version of the quilt.  
Bummed again but I will live!

In the mean time I had received a letter in the mail for my daughter on what time she should be showing up for weight lifting for the cross country team. 
Only problem was that my ex had planned on having our daughter for most of the summer and he lives in the suburbs of Washington DC!
So I had to get a hold of her to tell her that she needed to get home if she really was serious about being on the team. 

Finally she made up her mind and arrangements were made to meet half way in the middle to drop/pick her up in New Stanton, Pennsylvania.

I was bummed for her to be leaving her dad's so early than expected because she only gets to see her dad on holidays.

I ended up getting a hold of my mom to see if she would be so kind in driving to pick up my daughter only because she had volunteered to do so before my daughter left home and we only have one car.
Not to mention we only had less one day to get everything together for this trip because my ex was flying out to Germany for his job so it was the only time we could coordinate the drop off/pick up day.
My mom agreed and on our way to New Stanton she says to me; did you look up any quilt shops along the way there? No, I said. Well, I did!

All the while I was traveling in hexey style!
My lap held my box full of EPP and fabric all cut out the night before.
I fastened the fabric to the hexies, cut the folding inseam, and even started basting them while going around the curves and hills of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.
Now i'll tell ya, that takes skills!
But I can only imagine what it would be like if we really were in the mountains!

Just by luck we ended up getting to New Stanton a hour before we were supposed to meet up with my ex.
So my mom hands me the address and says, Would you punch that into the GPS?

Our little adventure took us to a little shop in Scottdale, Pennsylvania called Kate and Becca's Quilt Patch.

It is a cute little shop but unfortunately for me I was not expecting to go anywhere this month yet alone a quilt  shop in Pennsylvania!
Needless to say I all ready blew though my quilting budget for the month.    

However, the oddest thing happened while we where in there.
The ladies kept saying to both of us (my mom and I) and especially me on how familiar we looked.
They were like: Yeah I know you from some where but I can not place it!
I finally spoke up and said well, I do a lot of quilting stuff online and that was it.
I didn't mention my blog or being a Moda Bake Shop Chef.
I felt that is was rude to brag about it.

Pressed for time my mom cashed out and we were off to meet up with my ex.

(*Oh, I just wanted to thank the gal (if she does read my blog) that was there and she let the shop clerk wait on my mom first before she get all of those bolts of fabric cut out. 
Again thank you!*)

Along the way of meeting up with my ex, my mom and I agreed that yes, it would not be unusual to get that; "You look familiar"  at home but to get that in a another state, and yet alone in a town that I have never been in before. 

I mean they were both really animated about it too!


We were a bit surprised on that one.

In all everything thing else went smoothly on the way back home.
We did get into some really heavy rain fall from time to time.
But we did make it back home!

And this morning my daughter lifted weights and ran two miles for the first time!



Beth said...

Great story! I didn't know you were a Moda cached - what did you make?

MamaLadyBug said...

I love how you freeflow! It's nice to hear someone be themselves instead of self-editing every other word. (I need to practice more of that!) BTW I LOVE LOVE LOVE your box that you carried your materials in.

Jennifer said...

Well, I used to be that way in self editing because of fear. Fear that people will not find me interesting, or likable. It nearly drove me insane. So I let it all go. I figure it this way: I rather be me than to be someone else or try to be some one else.

Thank you for you compliments about both the box and the free flow writing.

I picked the box up at T.J. Maxx. Yep I am a Maxxinsta!

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