Sunday, July 29, 2012

SCS Sunday Rolling with it!

Tula Pink

Wow it looks like I have been running a marathon in the Olympics from all the picture in this post.

Anyway speaking of the Olympics I did catch the opening ceremony and thought that the Brits did a really bag up job with it.

Even with the amazing pace of having the parade of nations, the final lighting of the cauldron and not to mention loving the Queen's little skit with James Bond!

Putting the Olympics aside you are probably wondering how I got a signed copy of  Quilts from the House of Tula Pink.

Funny story!

I won it two Tuesdays ago on Twitter.
I know I have mention #talknt before and that is how I won the book.
Again I did not know what I won not because I didn't look cause I did this time but nothing was mentioned of what the night's prize was.

So I waited for the package to arrive!
It finally came and I immediately opened it.

I went from excitement to bummed in a heartbeat!
I all ready own the book see post *here* and I did not even bother to open it or the zip lock bag that it was in.

I then debated on what to do with it.
  Give it away, no that would be ungrateful not to mention cheesy! 
   Donate it to the library, no they will just pass it on to the book sale.
   See of mom wants it...Okay!

My mom at first said: No thanks!
But then she came over one day this past week and asked to see the book.

All right!

My mom opened the zip lock bag the book was in and started flipping through pages.
After flipping through the pages she then opened the book to the cover page and said to me: I don't think you want to give this book away!

Why? I asked.

Because it is a first edition signed copy! My mom said to me.


Yep, it was for real!

"Thank you Kim!"

All right rolling on....

Also this past week I started a light hearted look at bad social media behavior and the ills that go with it.

I am calling it.......


Instead of pointing the finger at anyone else's poor social behavior I thought that I would lighten it all up and point the finger at myself.

Who else to better blame than myself right?

And for me it is more about the emotions that get the better of us than anything and that is why I choose the monster theme to this series.

Which has me asking you....

what SMM RU
Emotional Monsters 2

This week I induced the Joyful, Excited, and Zealous monster in me.
excitement & joy

If anything of this series I hope anyone out there can relate and I hope if anything it will help anyone from making the same mistakes that I have made.

Aye what's going on in the actual sewing front...Not much happening!

But I did go to this past weeks guild meeting where we had our work shop making Jeni Baker's (from In Color Order) Lined Drawstring Bags with the pockets add on by Terri Harlan (from Sew Fantastic).

Guild Work shop 72612

It was a fun little project to work on.

I know I still have to get the blog post written up about it.

Here is a photo of what I made...

Four Little bags

They came from the scrap pieces that never seem to end!
But they did turn out very cute!

Saturday or yesterday mom and I went to Amish country and I came home with all these goodies!


Oh, don't let me fool ya with all the eye candy.
The stack of solids came from my LQS which is Amish/Mennonite ran where I get my designer solids real cheep.
As for the rest of it all I got it in the real Amish country.
The pearl thread was $2.00 on sale each except the red, that was .95 cents.
The material is either 1/4 of a yard or 1/2 yards no sales there unless I bought a full yard that I did not need.

On other fronts....

Move over Best Press!!!!!!
Niagara is here to give you the run for your money!

Starch 3

I discovered this spray bottle starch at my local Target but did not pick it up and I had been kicking myself in the butter ever since.

So while I was out doing grocery shopping on Saturday I picked some up at Wal-Mart.
Here is the kicker it is a bigger size than Best Press and runs just under $2.00 at both stores.


Oh, my daughter is getting better at cross country and is building a support system with her best friend to keep each other going, they ran three miles one day.

My poor parents in the past few months have replaced all the kitchen appliances, a washing machine and had to break down and buy a new bed.

The sales lady where they bought the mattress set from had the gaul to mention that every one there was in that every one there was in their 70's and could not help my parents load the mattress set in to the truck.

My parents just looked at each other and look at the sales lady with the express of what the heck do you think we are?

My dad is in his 70's and my mom is in her 60's.

Speaking of age, my daughter's great grandfather on her dad's side of the family turned 100 years old this past Friday.

How cool is that, 100 years old!

Before I forget about the Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop participants from this past week.

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This week it's my turn on Thursday for the blog hop along with with Danny from Mommy For Reals


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Cindy said...

Enjoyed your post :) I would hope that I am a 'Joyful, Excited, and Zealous monster'.

Happy quilting! Love the bags!

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