Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The 241Tote

241 Tote
Though I have a habit of calling it the 421 Tote!
Don't ask me why, I have no idea why.

But I do!

I did however, make the 241 Tote into a versatile bag.

I don't mind zippers or extra hidden pockets but I simply do not use them that often to put them in. 

241 Tote 2
I do like different views and change.
This way if some one ask, Did you get a new bag?
I can say: Nope, I just reversed it!

Though I wish I would have thought about putting the pockets on both sides too!

Picture 1262

Wonderland by MoMo for Moda
Sugar Creek Scribble Dots in Rhubarb by Denyse Schmidt - DS Quilts for Joann Fabrics
Egg Plant - Kona Solid by Robert Kaufman


Oh, the only other thing that I did different for this tote was that I used a stiffer interfacing. 
I prefer my bags to stand up a bit while I am going through them for something. 
Also its annoying to hear my hubby asking if I found Amelia Earhart while in the process of searching for whatever it is I am looking for.

Ps. This was the first project made from my new machine..eek! 
Love it!!!!!


Karen M said...

Love the bag, no matter what you call it.

Beth said...

Looks great! Great fabric combos.

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