Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIP Wednesday + Houndstooth Finish

houndstooth 5

Yay my houndstooth quilt is finished!

I'll have a write up about it soon.

Keep your eyes peeled for it!

Now I get to move onto something else.

Hummmm...what will that be????

Okay its a toss up between:

What to do with these pin wheels that I was going to make into pillows but I have decided against it because I looked at the pillows on our couch and noticed that they have scissors holes in them.

Twirl pinwheels

My daughter has a tendency to use the pillows that we have as a base while working on what ever craft project she is doing.

It is afterwards that I catch all the holes in the pillows.

My thought was: If these pillows look like this there is no way I am wasting my time in making pillows for them to get ruined.

So my second idea was to make a small grocery bag or tote from the left over material that I have from Twirl.

My second project in mind is to get started on the (GABH) tutorial that I have in mind.

HST's Twril

That way I will have it done when my day of the blog hop comes around.

Other things on the back burner:

Secret Sister Christmas gift for the guild
(2) Carnival quilts - by Jaybird Quilts
Quilt of Valor

On the designing side by me:

(2) more Moda Bake Shop projects

Echo Chain  } Hope to get all the material collected for them soon so I can get to working on them!
Bear Walk

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Ps. My Moda Bake Shop Project was up yesterday "Tea Time for You & Me" and I am still having my Last Day of School giveaway still going on too! Feel free to check the both of them out!


Julie said...

I love the Houndstooth! I've been wanting to make one, are they difficult? It seems like a no but you never can tell until you try, right?

Beth said...

I like the houndstooth. I think a tote sounds like a good idea.

Phone Home Designs by ET said...

Beautiful houndstooth quilt! That's definitely on my to-do list. Did you do the tube quilt technique?

Leslie said...

i love that hounds-tooth....i love that you did the white in a patterned fabric.

Jenn said...

Love the houndstooth. I need to make mine soon :)

Kelly said...

Love the houndstooth :)

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