Monday, June 18, 2012

Thread, so many choices!


When it come to thread we have so many choices to choose from.

Most quilters will swear and live for one brand.
I'll let you know this quilter is on the fence when it comes to just one brand.

I have used Coats & Clark, Guterman, Metler, and Aurifil.
Out of those four I was not too impressed with Metler.

Coats & Clark I love using their decorative threads like that variegated one in the photo.
I know there are others companies that have variegated threads but they are not as tangible.
As far as Coats & Clark's regular thread I kind of shy away from them because of the faux pas' of the thread going bad quickly.

Guterman has been there for me every step of the way.
Like my strong German heritage it has not failed me until recently.
I can only chalk it up to buying a bad spool of thread.
But I will say you can run into any thread company where the thread has sat on the shelf too long and over time the cotton in the thread breaks down.

Aurifil, oh Aurifil.
I like you!
I think you are very neat.
I like how you are just as durable as my German friend thread!
I know you are very popular among other quilters and that's cool.
But I have a few issues I want to discuss with you....

Like why, oh why must you do this every time I use you?

Cruling thread

It's just down right irritating!
Because you get caught in the oddest places when this happens.
And I understand that you snap really easily in sticky situations.
Thank God for that!
But while chugging along with no hazards in sight you just snap for no reason.
What's up with that?
Oh, why can you not be in the big box stores or more available then online like my German thread?
I know you can take a horse to the water trough but you can't make him drink the water!

Other wise I do like you!
Glad we had this talk!

Why this post?
Well, I am just curious!
I mean put all the hype aside about this thread company and that thread company that you hear all over the community.
 My thing is, try them all out.
You never know which one you will prefer over the other!

Oh, what is your favorite thread to use and why?
Also what do you use for hand stitching?


Oh, Aurifil did run away from home here.
Well, not really.
I accidently place it in a bag that went to my parent's.
Needless to say I really tore up the place to find it but now its back home and I am almost out of it!
Oh, well I'll just have to get some more soon.

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Lisa C said...

I just bought a new sewing machine last week. I asked the dealer if my particular machine "preferred" any brand of thread over others. She (around 65) promoted Gutterman and Metler but not Aurifil -- which was interesting. Many bloggers like Aurifil because it's thin and produces a nice final product. She said because it's thin it will snap (especially when making baby quilts which is 75% of what I do) and that it leaves lots of lint in your machine. I, too, get upset when my Aurifil curls like in your picture. I probably won't quit using it, but I do lean towards Gutterman for some reason. I wish my local color choices were a bit more varied. I guess I need to find an online source.

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