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June 2012 Fresh Sewing Day/ Small Blog Meet

Lily's QuiltsLily's Quilts

Yikes! Two post in one day!

Well, yah!

First post today was a giveaway sponsored by me go *here* for more details.

Sorry to do that. I know it irritates some folks if you broadcast a giveaway when you are doing a link up and what not.

For the merry month of May it was a bit trying to get anything done with a sewing machine dying and all.

I did manage to get my Moda Bake Shop tutorial finished and it will debut on June 5th.

It will be part of the Kid's Camp Celebration going on for the month of June over at Moda.
I am also involved with the Get Acquainted Blog Hop, nice to meet you by the way! My post will be in early August.

I am really thankful to be part of the hop.


Because I have learned a lot.


Let's just say there is no hand book for how to be a good quilting blogger. This hop has helped me see what is and what is not. It also has been helping me develop into a better blogger. Here are reasons why I feel like I am not a good blogger!

  1. I am not really a sociable person by nature. I am very independent and always have been. I am used to being on my own and having very few people around. It does not mean I am a bitter person. A little controversial at times but not bitter!
  2. I often speak my mind, and I will be honest. That does not go over well online. People get ofended really easily here!
  3. Its easier for me to relate to some one in person than via internet. I am just old school that way.
  4. It does irritate me a bit if I go out of my way to say "Hi" to some one and they do not answer. How rude! Yes, I am talking about some of you well known bloggers that are large and in charge! Didn't your Mama teach you good manners?!?!? Mine did! Okay that might be a little bit bitter but with a good reason!
  5. I am horrible about commenting on others blogs,  just a reminder that those comments count by the way! Not to mention I am horrible about checking other blogs at a meet up.  I know shame on me!! Believe me when I say that I do read other blogs. I do, I do! I just grugently do not want a huge blog roll like my last blog. I have over 200 blogs in my google reader. I honestly only read half or hit the "Marked as Read" button just to give numbers credit or ratings to those blogs. Not that they were horrible blogs I just do not want to sit at my computer all day. (Yep smart phone deprived because I choose to be.) Yes, there are times when I choose to sit at my computer to read but I rather be doing other things as well. However, when I do sit at the computer it usually is when my husband and step son are around. ??? My husband sings really badly,  not to mention that he will yell spontaneously at his computer when the game he is playing is going all wrong. Not fun, especially when my biggest fear while sewing is having the needle go through one of my fingers. As for my step son, his laugh and video games get on my nerves after a while. Those two reasons alone would be why I will sit on a computer all day. Its because I can close a door on it all and hide.
  6. Also when I am done writing a post I just want to get up and leave. Cause some post like this one took two to three hours to write.
  7. Yep, all that above is probably why I am not that great as a blogger.
I can say that I started blogging to keep my writing and English grammar fresh. Though some times my grammar can be down right terrifying.

Another reason why I started blogging was to keep my sanity! Plus I had so many on going changes in my life that I really needed an outlet regardless if any one read it or not.

Anyway what I am working on now is Vanessa Christianson's (V&Co.) Houndstooth quilt pattern.

Pattern can be found in her shop!

This one was a hair puller for me.

I know it would have been easier for me but I had multiple reasons of why it was not.

Those reasons I'll write more about when I have it finished.

Basted Houndstooth

Currently I am quilting it.

I thought straight line quilting would look good with this one but not with the nursery rhyme toile.

If it were all solids than I would give it a go

houndstooth quilt 3

Now I am going to seam rip every last quilted stitch and start over.

Hope those spools of thread have enough in them.



JanetK said...

Hi - I'm a first time visitor to your blog from Lily's link-up. I too am a terrible blogger and not so dedicated to all the on-line time it takes to really connect. So I don't have that many followers, but I do sometimes look at my "hits" to see what posts are more popular. I do this mostly for me. I actually have 2 blogs now (nut case!) And I find that my friends who read my blogs have learned a lot about me that I never bring up or share in my daily life.

Cool quilt - I'd love to hear what the difficult bits were.

Beth said...

Congrats on the Moda Bake shop tutorial - ill be checking it out. Glad you are happy about the hop. How are you going to quilt it after ripping out the straight lines?

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