Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hubby's new hobby....

mid life

or so I though it was a midlife crises thing going on!

Over the last couple of weeks my husband all of a sudden wanted to get into motorcycle riding.

I'm like... Okaaay!

He of all people has the worst balance issues.

Three years ago we were in and out of doctors and hospitals trying to figure out what was wrong with him.
He would get extremely dizzy and pretty much fall over.
Nonetheless, he could not walk in a straight line.

Finally we found a neurologist who got him figured out.
It was a very heavy case of vertigo. 
They have another name for it but I can not find the correct spelling for it.

It took nearly a year of therapy for my husband to get straighten out.

What caused all of it?


My husband in the spring and worst of in the fall suffers from heavy sinus issues.
This all started really after having pallops removed from his sinus cavities.
That folks is a no fun surgery!
Though I had to laugh when we went in to have his bandages and tubes removed.
People though he had a nose job done!
Well, he kind of did, just not the vanity one they were all thinking of.

But back to the motorcycle crises!

It was just out of the blue...I want to ride a motorcycle he says to me!
No for real! He said.

Just like that he went out and bought himself a helmet, a jacket and all the other goodies that goes along with motorcycle riding.

My thought of all this was: Yep, he is 42 and we finally hit the midlife crises!

Not that it bothered me of this new hobby.
Or that he went out and bought all of this stuff.
What bothered me is that my machine just up and died!
I really need a new machine but he kept telling me that we just do not have the extra money!
Yeah, I am a bit burned on the inside. 

I will give my husband credit.
He did research everything prior to purchasing everything.
He even researched all the pros and cons of this new hobby too.
He then asked me if I was all right with it?
I said so as long as you do not financially screw us over or ride stupid I really do not care.
Though I am still burned in the inside about the whole sewing machine issue.

So last week he went though Ohio's motorcycle safety course, and passed!
Then he got the license to operate one. 
Then he finally told his mother about it.
She about fell over. 
Of all my kids she said, I never thought he would get a motorcycle!
I am in that same boat with her on that thought.

Through out the whole process my husband kept saying, 
Well maybe we can swing a $400.00 machine.
I was like damn!
Of all the things I do for you and do not ask for a thing!
I mean really you know how much I sew!
I can not borrow my mom's old machine forever you know!
Just remember I have a tally of what you just spent!
Yeah, tell me all the time we have no extra money to spend!

Yep, I am fuming by now!

As of late or earlier this morning we now are committed to a brand new 2012 motorcycle.
Through out the whole process I kept calm and carried on.
Though in the inside I was fuming like mad at him, and I know he knew it.

After he told me that he had bought the motorcycle,
He then said to me, I am going to buy you the sewing machine that you wanted.


Who is this man I am talking to? 
And what have you done with the man I married?????

Yeah, I am in a bit of shock to say the least.

So tomorrow before he changes his mind on the whole idea of it all I am dragging him out to buy the machine!

Wish me luck!


Oh, I need to know if I am right. 
I warned him if I removed the lettering (Suzuki) from the jacket that the leather will not heal and it would be a big mistake to remove the letters.
What is your opinion on this issue?
Keep the lettering in or is it okay to remove them?

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