Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Houndstooth Quilt As Promised!

houndstooth 4

I'm keeping my promise to chat about this Houndstooth quilt/pattern by Vanessa Christianson of V&Co.

I am so glad from the photos it looks really good!

And for the most part in person it looks really good too.

I will say that my husband like this quilt.

That's saying a lot!!!

I think he wants one too but in navy and white, that might be a while before that happens.

 Since this was my first go at this pattern and I did have some issues but lets look at the pretty pictures first!

Here is a close up....

houndstooth 5

I think this is the first for this pattern to have some one use a print, except for Tula Pink in her book.

Other than that I have not seen any one else use a print before.
I am not saying that just to toot my own horn.
I really have not seen any one else do it.
I have seen some oh, my color combos but never a print.

Since I had so much of the print left over I continued the print on the back just to use it all up.

Houndstooth 6

As for the print itself, I had it just hanging out in my stash and originally I was going to make a baby's dress out of it.

This is when I first started sewing.

So I washed the material so it could shrink or be a preshrunk product when I was done with making the dress.

Oh, forgive me I found the material at Jo Ann's in the red tag clearance three years ago.
It is a Mother Goose and other nursery rhyme characters toile.

I will say that the battle/debate of prewash or not to prewash your fabric has made its final decision here.

The answer is: No, I will not prewash any of my fabrics ever again. Unless I am certian that I will be using it to make an outfit.

Since I had prewashed the print I had one heck of a time trying to work with it. No matter how much I starched it, it still went back to the washed feel and was very flimsy to work with.

That is when I brought the big I mean the heavy professional starch.

I use a light body starch (Magic Sizing) but it was not cutting it.

I plunked down a little more (okay $2.00 more) and bought the Faultless Premium Starch.

Starch 2

Let me tell ya what a difference!

Even on the bias blocks, which are the stripes this starch made all the difference of me pulling my hair out to having an easy time.

Oh, by the way Vanessa even notes to use a starch for the bias cuts in the pattern.
I say used a heavy starch!

There is however one down fall I found with this pattern is that you are constantly squaring up the bias block to the plain blocks.

If you noticed the back of the quilt I have those extra rows.

Well those are not actually extra rows.

They became two inches too short to be part of the quilt top.

Technically that should have been the last row of the lap quilt.

I lucked out because in the end everything worked out just fine and the quilt ended up being square.

Yep, tell me about it! All luck right?

I am also lucky and very blessed to have this old gal to use too.

Thank you Mom!

white machine 2

With out the use of this machine I would have not been able to finish this quilt.

It is a 20 year old machine and runs like a dream!

Which reminds me, that having a discussion on machines would be a great post but for another time.


Ps. I used a varigeted thread and mixed a stipple and loops to quilt this quilt.


Carolyn said...

Just checking out V & Co. patterns, and I like yours with the print a lot. Thanks for the tip on the good starch. . . will keep that in mind.

Jennifer | Gable House and Co. said...

Oh, no problem on the starch tip. I am very glad to pass a good tip along. Also thank you for the love on the Houndstooth quilt!

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