Monday, June 25, 2012

Fabric Purchases

Do you love seeing them or get disgusted when other bloggers post about them? 

When I first started blogging I used to love seeing fabric purchases.
Then after awhile I started to get a bit green eyed over it.
Especially if it was a line I liked and it was not even released yet.

My thoughts were how are these people getting theses fabrics when they' re not even on the market yet?

  1. Quilt Market, if you are allowed in there is a sample spree where all the fabric manufactures allow so many of the up coming lines in the hands of market goers.
  2. Chummy with the fabric designer. There is nothing wrong with being friends with a fabric designer now is there? Only if you take advantage of them to get free fabric there is!
  3. Free lancing for a major manufacturer. I had Sweetwater's Reunion line in my hands way before it was released. Which even surprised me when I got it. But I did not speak a word about having it.
Here is why I have refrained for posting about fabric purchases: I got to a point were even I thought is was rude to show off what I had bought.

Don't get me wrong I like seeing the Sunday stashes because it does help see what fabrics are out there.
However, I' m not big on those who sit there and flaunt it and then complain that they have four extra mouths to feed while they are keeping up with the "Fabric Jones'."
Though it is not my problem how they spend their money but it does boil my blood a bit.

Why bring this topic up?

Well, I just read a post that said: No matter what, quilter's love seeing fabric purchases.
 We just can not help ourselves!

My thought to this was: Really?!?!?

Then I thought back on it...

I don't think I really ever had a positive or even a negative reaction to my fabric purchases on my old blog.
Matter of fact I would just post about them when I had nothing else to write about.
A filler post you can call it.

I am just curious on what your thoughts on fabric purchases popping up on other blogs?
Do you love it or despise it?
Would you like to see what I have bought?


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cherylj said...

I am a beginner quilter and I love to see all of the different fabrics people show. I really like to see how people pair different colors and prints together to learn from them. I really like when bloggers also give the designers and patterns of the fabrics in case something really catches my eye. I really like the boating fabric on the left of your picture.

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